Turkish NT 2018

  • Final roster of Turkish NT for WCh:

    Setters: Çağla Akın,Cansu Özbay

    OHs: Hande Baladın,Derya Cebecioğlu (2000),Şeyma Ercan,Meliha İsmailoğlu

    Opps: Meryem Boz,Ebrar Karakurt (2000)

    Liberos: Gizem Örge Güner,Simge Aköz,Aylin Sarıoğlu

    MBs: Eda Erdem Dündar(K),Beyza Arıcı,Zehra Güneş

    The only surprise is Derya Cebecioğlu in instead of Saliha Şahin or Tuğba Şenoğlu who have played in NT B and were with the A team for whole summer and out of blue Derya is invited after her not so good performance in Junior ECh. It is good to invest youngsters but I am not sure WCh is the right tournament. Another issue is inviting only 3 MBs just to be able to bring Aylin Sarıoğlu as a receiving specialist. I just hope no injuries and Aylin could step up her game during this tournament. Our MB position seems to be our most reliable position. Also Simge as libero puts a high class performance so far. Neither Meryem and Ebrar is consistent to play several games in a high level. That's why we will see many double substitutions during the tournament. In this case Cağla's performance will be crucial. 3 OHs are on a similar level and any combination seems to be possible depending on the opponent.

  • simge akoz is turkist precious jewel. Cansu ozbay as setter. Oh is hande baladin mb eda n gunez opposite is meryem boz... meliha is good too but depends on the opponent!

  • Derya Cebecioğlu is an interesting choice

    Guidetti aims at creating the team of future and taking them to 2020 OG and farther so that makes sense

    i dont know whats the problem btw Gui and Kübra Akman (if she isnt injuried seriously)

    Kübra should have been in japan

  • It was a hard warning from Guidetti to Kübra, IMO. Cause they will work together, I dont think that Guidetti want to loss her.

  • another interview with giovanni for my twitter @voleiturquia

    1- What do you expect from Turkey in this world championship in Japan?


    gio: we want to go Osaka , we dream to go Nagoya and with a miracle we can go yokoama !

    2- Is there any player with an injury?

    gio: all ok

    3- Why did you choose to only go with three midlle blockers?

    gio: we did all VNL like this and I need a third libero entering for reception

    4- Many thought that tugba or saliha would be the fourth wing-spiker, but you chose derya cebecioglu. could you tell me why?

    gio: i have the best Turkish players in Japan

    5 - What do you think turkey needs to improve? attack? reception? defense? serve?

    gio: We are young and we have to improve everything

    6- Which are the most difficult opponents in your opinion?

    Gio: all ! Our group is a hell !!!!

  • Great interview again dagdelenler ! good questions though I have to say; Gio seems kind of cocky with his responses? I did not really like that, some questions he didn't even reply to reallly...

  • Im not sure if it was off-topic but I don't like the way you all are talking about these players, all worked hard enough and don't deserve this kind of response. You cannot expect a completely new team to consistently stay at top level in just a few months time together...

  • I remember years ago Guidetti complained regarding how his local players were practicing very poorly during their NT season that he has to start everything from a scratch every season. I wonder what he thinks now. He says he won’t take players who stay on bench and not play yet he keeps their youngsters and keep them on bench. I know he would give starting spot when someone deserves but how can someone expect Ebrar to start over Lonneke in an instant? That girl needs to play. Tugba needs to play. Derya needs to play. Hope he will stop being gready and loan them to a good team, not to Yesilyurt, a team in second devision which Tugba will be playing part time.

    I just had the thought and wanted to share, I am not trying to blame Guidetti for WCH failure, although he had mistakes, I believe he is the only one who could save Turkey.

  • Tuğba loaned to Yeşilyurt was such a joke... She can play in so many teams of VVSL and then 2nd league... I'm also worried for Ebrar and Meliha and Derya. I'm happy about Hande and Meryem together in GS. Next season will be interesting, a lot of OHs especially needed.

    I am curious to see if Gio will try to teach Ebrar receiving! She's still very young, all young girls should imo and if she turns out to be good that'd be even better then her as a good Opp

  • Turkish players should learn to minimize thier mistakes when they are not on thier day like the Chinese team..

    the mistakes hurt indeed..

    this team lacks an out-of sytem player maybe Ebrar could be in two years..

  • isnt Tuğba playing for Vakıfbank this season ? Ebrar seems a pure OPP..i cant imagine her as an OH..who knows? maybe!

    she will be playing both Vakifbank and Yesilyurt with two licences. You can do that with lower divisions. I doubt that Yesilyurt or second division will do any good for her. We all saw she played quite good in Besiktas two years ago. She didn’t impress me when she entered the court last season in Vakifbank but that’s Vakifbank it is not easy to perform good for a young player immediately. Even Robinson whom I like a lot didn’t impress me to be honest.

  • Turkish players should learn to minimize thier mistakes when they are not on thier day like the Chinese team..

    the mistakes hurt indeed..

    this team lacks an out-of sytem player maybe Ebrar could be in two years..

    To be a top team you need, not just one, but two out of system player..