Iranian volleyball league 2017-2018

  • I will appeciate if you are able to upload the first 8 rosters from the playoffs. Because it's very hard for me to translate them from persian and it's very difficult to find any information on english. Sarmayeh Bank, Gonbad, Varamin, Paykan, Saipa, Ardakan, Tabriz and Kalleh. I collect information about every season rosters but this year it's very difficult for me to find some.Very important for me are the positions of the players.When you have a time. Thank you so much !

  • the file doesn't include the positions. I know that for most of them but not all.

    also, this is only the start of the season squads, we had some changes in middle of the season, I only mention those I'm aware of .

    OK let's start with top 4. I will add the rest later

    Bank Sarmayeh Tehran

    S: Lukasz Zygadlo, Mehdi Mahdavi, Hamid Hamoudi
    OP: Shahram Mahmoudi, Reza Ghara, Hamed Farrokhizadeh
    OH: Farhad Ghaemi, Ghasem Karkhaneh, Mojtaba Mirzajanpour, Alireza Mobasheri
    MB: Mohammad Mousavi, Adel Gholami, Ali Shafiei, Tohid Samadi
    L: Mehdi Marandi, Mohammad Daliri

    Coach: Mostafa Karkhaneh

    Khatam Ardakan

    S: Mohammad Taher Vadi, Rashid Yousefi, Hamid Sousanabadi
    OP: Alireza Jalali, Javad Hosseinabadi, Mohammad Reza Asefi, Erfan Alinejad
    OH: Hossein Amiri, Akbar Valaei, Saeid Shiroud, Ali Ghazi, Amir Hossein Talebian
    MB: Bahman Jahandideh, Mohammad Hassan Senobar, Mohammad Razipour, Amir Ali Fathali
    L: Mojtaba Yousefi, Yousef Ghazi

    Coach: Abbasali Mirhosseini

    * Vadi joined the team in middle of the season from Sari-21
    * Hosseinabadi joined the team in middle of the season from Raad Kashan.

    Paykan Tehran

    S: Saeid Maroud, Parviz Pezeshki
    OP: Pouria Yali, Amin Esmaeilnejad, Liberman Agamez, Kay van Dijk
    OH: Pouria Fayyazi, Farhad Nazari-Afshar, Salim Cheperli, Babak Amiri, Shayan Shahsavand
    MB: Saeid Mostafavand, Mohammad Fallah, Simon Van de Voorde, Mehdi Lotfi
    L: Farhid Zarif, Reza Aslani

    Coach: Peiman Akbari (replaced by Morteza Ahdi middle of the season)

    * Paykan started the season with the Colombian Agamez but fired him at the start (or even before the start) and signed van Dijk a bit later.

    Shahrdari Tabriz

    S: Amir Hosseini, Houman Bagheri, Behzad Sadeghi
    OP: Mikaeil Tajer, Vahid Vali, Kiavash Heidari
    OH: Hamzeh Zarrini, Arash Keshavarzi, Edris Daneshfar, Babak Mousavi, Esmaeil Chalaki
    MB: Hesam Bakhsheshi, Mostafa Sharifat, Mehdi Ranjbar, Ali Hamidi, Mohammad Valizadeh
    L: Mohammad Reza Moazzen, Adel Houshyar

    Coach: Adel Banakar

  • Saipa Tehran

    S: Farhad Salafzoon, Ivan Stanev, Alireza Moslehabadi
    OP: Amir Ghafour, Venelin Kadankov, Ghadir Ahang
    OH: Mojtaba Shaban, Arash Kamalvand, Behnam Hajipour, Saeid Javaheri, Abbas Oladi, Mojtaba Gholizad
    MB: Saman Faezi, Sahand Allahverdian, Rahman Taghizadeh, Mehrdad Babaei
    L: Mostafa Heidari, Pouria Nodouzpour

    Coach: Miroslav Zhivkov (replaced by Mohammad Sadegh Shaban-Khamseh in middle of the season)

    Kalleh Mazandaran

    S: Javad Karimi, Ali Ramezani
    OP: Armin Ranjbar, Rasoul Aghchehli
    OH: Amir Hossein Esfandiar, Esmaeil Mosafer, Saeid Aghajani, Meisam Salehi
    MB: Vali Alipour, Reza Abedini, Mobin Mazloum, Mohammad Kazem Ghaffari
    L: Esmaeil Talebi, Abolfazl Gholipour

    Coach: Behrouz Ataei

    Shahrdari Varamin

    S: Alireza Behboudi, Rasoul Najafi, Mahyar Hosseini
    OP: Mohammad Mohammadkazem, Mehdi Bazargard
    OH: Rahman Davoudi, Andrey Kutsmus, Arash Taghavi, Masoud Azizi, Armin Afshinfar
    MB: Masoud Gholami, Armin Tashakkori, Amir Afshar, Ali Asghar Razmfar, Ali Yousefipour, Hassan Rajabzadeh
    L: Ahsanollah Shirkavand, Mostafa Shirkavand

    Coach: Farhad Nafarzadeh (replaced by Mohammad Torkashvand)

    * Behboudi joined the team in middle of the season from Urmia

  • Thank you so much. Do you have information about Havosh Gonbad roster ?

    this one is a bit harder, cuz I know they had so many changes during the season, the roster I know and remember is different than what I have in that PDF file. at some point they started to play only with local Gonbad based players. (and actually they got better results after that) they fired some of their players and got some Gonbad-born players from lower division clubs.

    this is their roster based on what I remember and I might miss few players

    S: Abdolhamid Chogan, Behzad Heidarshahi
    OP: Soheil Ahmadi, Vafa Zeitounli, Javad Hekmati
    OH: Ali Sajjadi, Kamal Ghoreishi, Abdollah Nazeri, Mohammad Amin Hassanzadeh, Benyamin Igderi
    MB: Alireza Nadi, Sakhi Eidi, Matin Takavar, Armin Igderi, Farhad Yolmeh, Vali Nourmohammadi
    L: Golmohammad Sakhavi, Hamid Mohammadalgh , Behzad Fotouhifar

    * Heidarshahi, Sajjadi, Nadi and Ahmadi all got fired by the club before the half season. as far as I know they didn't play for any other club.


    as for other clubs, I have the same problems for Urmia, Sari-21 and Raad Kashan. they had so many changes during the season. and Shams was actually Iran U19 team (not the 2017 world champion team. but the next U19 team) with the exception of 1-2 players the rest were 18 or younger. and they almost made it to the playoffs which was a big big surprise.

  • Liberman Agamez gave an interview in a Greek newspaper and he said that he wants to play again for Panthinaikos and that he had an agreement with PAOK last year but Ricci didnt wanted him in the team....
    Also he said some bad things for the iranian volleyball....

    Google translate

    "The two-month stay of Agamez in Iran (September and October 2017) was a nightmare experience. As soon as his Muslim teammates saw on his back the big tattoo with the Virgin Mary and the crosses in his hands marked him as undesirable. The protector of the protests against him was the star of the Iranian volleyball player and Pajkhan, Maruf. Agamez never talked about what he "incredibly" lived in Iran, and even now he said two words: "It was very difficult. I thought I was living a dream. I went to serve and even disapproved of my teammates ... ", says Agamez, unable to believe what has passed. For good luck, he and his family literally escaped from Tehran one day when there was a holiday due to a religious feast ..."…ympaiktes-moy-gia-tatoyaz

  • I find these kind of accusations hard to believe. I wasn’t there, I cannot know if this is true, but I never experienced such an approach from Iranian people. Yes, there are people who would act this way, not only in Iran but most of the people I met wasn’t like that. Maruf played in Russian league with lots of foreigners and I think he will play in Italy next season so I find it hard to believe.

    It is really easy to blame someone else when you regret your decision or when you are not happy in a country. It is not like he was the first foreigner who went to Iran.