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  • if this is true then we can see some serbian players in FB but Who ? ie. Mihajloviç ?

    Mina Popovic is rumored to join Terzic in FB.

  • If Sylla decided to become back up OH than I don't know what to say about her....

    Sylla is not a receiver, at least not a reliable one: I therefore see her as the much weaker substitute for SAMY BRICIO moving to Dream Team Fenerbahce.
    That said, Imoco better pick-up someone like Robinson for defense/receiving and let Robin + Hill go, in order to invest that huge money in ADAMS and another good receiver such as LUCIA BOSETTI.

    As for ZANETTI BERGAMO, they're likely to play with:
    CAMBI/ VAN HECKE/ ACOSTA/ SARA LODA/ X/ X/ SIRRESSI, where the 2 foreign MBs could be Hutinski + a young USA, like the sisters TAPP or Molly Mc Cage

    Maybe if they can't bring Gabi in Conegliano than having her as Hill-Sylla duo is not that bad because than they can use Robin(if she stays) in the game, and I said Robin-Folie duo will be one of the best MB duo in Seria. Imagine how great Wolosz can use all of her players with stabile reception and with this amazing MBs... pffff.
    I don't know how is She doing with her reception ? She was always solide reciver but not so much stabile one, I haven't watch Bergamo this season so I don't know if She worked at that part of her game.

    I hope Sara Bonifacio will go to Scandicci or Busto next season. She is amazing MB to be bench player...

    I'm very interested how will Pomi build their team. They are loosing their best player and They have money to transfer world class players. Let's wait..

  • I'm very interested how will Pomi build their team. They are loosing their best player and They have money to transfer world class players. Let's wait..

    Today there are new rumors about Pomì Casalmaggiore. It seems that they lost a few important sponsors and they will not have enough resources to build a strong team. Or to build a team at all.

  • Rumors that Zhu Ting will sign new contract with Vakifbank(1,7 million EUR) and they want Tandara also

  • KYK is wanted by both Fenerbahce and Eczacibasi in Turkey. She will either stay in China and go to Beijing or rejoin Fenerbahce.

    Also Eczacibasi and Galatasaray are both interested in Natalia.

  • Pietrini will play in Club Italia in A1. She already has a contract with Scandicci so maybe she will play in Scandicci in 2019-2020 season.

    [quote='Meatballs','index.php?page=Thread&postID=360644#post360644']Any Italian users know where Pietrini will be next season? Can she play abroad or?

    So Club Italia will be back in Serie A1?

  • If Vakif has got 1,7 million for Zhu, they will not be able to find money for Tandara's contract...
    And Sloetjes is a much more complete, almost "universal" player: amazing blocker, for instance, whereas Tandara is a short athlete that fits the brazilian Superliga perfectly, where tall females are disappearing...

    In case she goes to Turkey anyway, though, I'd see her in GALATASARAY only, where Adynlar is already accostumed to play with a similar, short & powerful athlete, Neslihan, who by the way will retire at the end of this season.

    I'm sure Tandara will be an even worse choice for Guidetti than Sheilla Castro some years ago...

    Just guessing ! :teach: :lol: :teach:

  • I think you're underplaying Tandara here. Yes she may be "short" for European standards, but have you seen her play against taller teams like Serbia and China? IMO, I think she is actually a good fit for Vakif as she can play receiving opposite to let Zhu focus on attack. And Sloetjes being an "amazing blocker" is a joke I think :lol: Among the top opposites, her blocking leaves a lot to be desired. Goncharova and Boskcovic are way ahead of her in this element.

  • Sloetjes as a complete player is the greatest joke in this forum for quite a while. :rolll:

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  • I disagree with Sloetjes being an "amazing blocker".
    Tbh her performance overall hasn't been great this season. She hasn't been at her best like she was back in 2016.

  • People who say Sloetjes is a more complete player compared to Tandara clearly did not see her play this year. I think she would be a killer choice for Vakif.

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  • Lots of rumors from Italy:

    SCANDICCI is very close to Malinov, Guiggi and Mitchem, and wants also Stevanovic and Hodge. Haak confirmed, she has a contract also for next season. Adenizia leaving?

    NOVARA is going to sign Bartsch and is interested in Veljkovic to replace Gibbemeyer.

    BERGAMO close to Pesaro's players Olivotto, Cambi abd Nizetich.

    FIRENZE wants Louisa Lippman from Schweriner.

    MONZA confirmed Ortolani, maybe also Hancock and Orthmann and is interested in Gibbemeyer.

    PICCININI declared she will not retire after this season... :white: Maybe she will continue her career as libero?

  • In fact where did you get the idea that Piccinini wanted to retire? She gave a half an hour interview to Sportitalia few weeks ago. There was not a hint of retirement. Quite the opposite actually! She said she feels great, her body feels great, she is happy playing volleyball and as long as she feels that way she will continue.

  • I don't understand why ppl in this forum dislike Sloëtjes so much. Imo Vakif should sign her again as sending her off would be one of the biggest presents they could give to an opposite team. Sloëtjes plays great when it matters most, f.e. she had some amazing spikes yesterday vs EczV. She has an amazing reach and approach much better then Tandara imo while she is also very tall, she is very quick and athletic as well. I agree that she is overall a better player and the second best Opposite in the world right now, only Boskovic is better.
    Don't get me wrong Tandara is a great player and option for all the other teams, but I don's see her as an upgrade for VB necessarily. Also she is untested in the long/exhausting European leagues/cups and a few years older then Sloëtjes which doesn't make her te best long time option either.

    Sloëtjes is a really good player, it is just not easy to always shine in a team with Zhu Ting. I think GS could do well with Tandara and they need her after Neslihan much more then VB.