2018 / 2019 Transfer Rumors & Discussion

  • GS already signed Meryem Boz as opposite for next year. I would prefer Hande Baladin but looks like both Vakifbank and Eczacibasi demand too much money even for loans of their players. There are also no news about Cagla transfer of GS. I guess they are waiting to confirm the setter first.

    I agree on Serdar, I would prefer Cagla-Grothues or Tomkom-Baladin duo. With solid receiving from Leys & Grothues, Cagla can play fast, I have high expectations from the new American MB. It sounded like she has no problems of scoring.
    If GS can't sign Cagla, it is best to sign with Tomkom and risk receiving and transfer also Baladin. Tomkom can deliver the sets Hande & Meryem like.

    I usually don't get to the hype train in terms of American collegiate superstars turning pro because A LOT of them failed to translate their performances in the pro league. But so far, the NCAA middle blocker alums have not disappointed me yet.

    I have high hopes about Inky doing the job that is expected of her. She's like Foluke with better blocking. The biggest hurdling block for her is to stay healthy since she got major injuries 3 times already.

  • This is what I'm talking about, they literally downhill in every spot in their team. I don't see any upgrade in Galasaray.
    Neslihan -> Boz
    Rabadzhieva -> Leys
    Kosheleva -> what ever who
    Jack ->Inky
    Ruseva -> Asli
    Gamze -> what ever local setter

  • In last interview the sport director of Pomi said after hiring Radenkovic for setter position - two Italian middle blockers and one foreigner (Kakolewska)? Interesting... :teach:

    Ma il presidente della VBC Massimo Boselli Botturi ha voluto fare il punto sulla “Pomì che verrà”: “Con Marco Gaspari – dice Boselli – abbiamo parlato fin da subito e lui mi ha chiesto come prima cosa che la squadra che andavamo a costruire fosse una squadra fisica e potente, questo vuol dire fare anche scelte di un certo tipo soprattutto nello starting six. Credo proprio che siamo riusciti a farle, anche nelle cosiddette seconde linee dove abbiamo cercato di mettere insieme un mix di centimetri, fisicità, esperienza e qualche beata gioventù. Abbiamo fatto la scelta di siglare ben sette contratti biennali o triennali perché crediamo in certe atlete e nella loro prospettiva futura, giocatrici di valenza internazionale. Sono convinto che in posto 4 e in posto 2 metteremo tanta fisicità, anche il palleggiatore, già navigata con esperienza internazionale, è una ragazza alta che rispecchia quella che secondo sarà la pallavolo del futuro. Abbiamo scelto anche un paio di ragazze che hanno doti particolari in ricezione e difesa perché credo che è da lì che dobbiamo ripartire per ricostruire il gioco della Pomì, ricezione, difesa e anche muro. Appunto abbiamo preso due centrali italiani e uno straniero, i tre posti che vedranno una giocatrice italiana in campo saranno il libero, un centrale e una banda con la possibilità del secondo palleggiatore italiano, questa infatti è stata la scelta…affideremo poi questo mix di atlete a coach Gaspari che sono sicuro riuscirà a fare del suo meglio.

  • Looks like Cuneo is going to buy Modena's slot in Serie A1 and sign Lo Bianco and Van Hecke.
    So A1 will most probably have 13 teams next season.

  • Quote

    In a Dutch newspaper Grothues said she would not play for pomi next year.
    She would like to play for one of the four big teams of Turkey.

    Thanks for your update. Can you please tell me in which newspaper she said that?

    Does anyone know where Judith Pietersen will play next season?

  • Thanks for your update. Can you please tell me in which newspaper she said that?

    Does anyone know where Judith Pietersen will play next season?

    https://www.ed.nl/sport/balkes…-veel-te-winnen~afb57a31/ Here is the link.

    I don' know where Pietersen will play next year. I only know she wasn't selected by the korean try outs.

  • Next club season

    Sesi volleyball bauru

    Can now go head to head to



    I really like the transfer this season as well as those in italy... i hope china does well with transfers also

  • So Gala can signed foreign setter or foreign opp. Skorupa is still free or ? Tomkom ?
    And I don't see many good OPP free maybe Katarina Barun, but her performance is going down. Her performance in Modena was okey not even close to her perfromance in Novara and She is getting older, but which local OPP they can signed ? ?(

  • My bad i forgot about Boz. So yeah they will signed foreign setter.

    But their was rumor that Skorupa will signed with some team in Seria A, but Gala is rich club so I believe that She maybe made change.

  • Galatasaray signed with Hande, which is really good for them, now Skorupa or Tomkom and they are done in general for this season tranfers. I wish they had signed Grothues instead of Leys, I don't think any other top 4 team in Turkish league needs her atm. Maybe Vb if they don't trust Tugba Senoglu? I want to see grothues together with the cubans, Salas and Sanchez Perez tbh :box:
    Still waiting to hear what will happen to the ex-Halkbank squad

  • Gala has already signed with Meryem Boz as opp. So there will be foreign setter. IMO Skorupa will come.

    I've heard so many rumors about Skorupa :rolll: . I'm really interested where she's going to play, I think Galatasary would be the best choice for her, but I've also heard about her in THY, Pesaro or Cassalmagiore.

  • Taylor Agost, a recent University of Oregon grad, has indicated that she will be playing in Europe next season. She is 6'2' with athleticism similar to Bricio and beauty like the Tapp sisters. She played both MB and OH for Oregon but her future is clearly as an OH. She was named an NCAA all-American honorable mention.

    She came late to volleyball so she has a huge upside for growth. I think she would be well suited to the French or German leagues. Early rumors had her headed to Le Cannet. Here's hoping that another Oregon gal can make the big time and eventually play her way on to the USNT.

    Her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taylor_agost/

  • Wow She is so beautiful :love:

  • Where will Natalia Mammadova play next season ? She is still player for High level volleyball.