2018 / 2019 Transfer Rumors & Discussion

  • How do we know Acibadem will be the sponser for next season? I don’t think anything is certain for Fener because of the president election.

    Both of the candidates said that they will work with Aydinlar in volleyball. Besides, election is on June and the transfers will be done in few weeks.

  • Anyone with news on Brazilian players? Who's leaving Brazil and who's coming back? I can't really read Portugese so I'm having a hard time navigating through their sites :(

    Natalia is coming back, probably to Minas. Tandara is probably leaving. Adenizia renewed and Thaisa has a valid contract with Vitra. That's it for now, I think. Of course there are many average Brazilian players playing in weaker leagues, but I don't even know the names of most of them.

  • I read it on on some italian site than Conegliano is trying to signed Gabi and to have Sylla as back up, and all other players will stay. Hill, Robin, Folie, De Gennaro, Wolosz already signed new contract and They want to signed Fabris again but She got offers from Turkey so it still (?).

    Sylla as back up for Gabi because of 4 foreign rules so that they can have Robin on court.
    Nicoletti will leave, She is unhappy because She is not starter.

  • AS FOR OPPOSITES: has anybody ever seen ISABELLE HAAK, PAOLA EGONU and YING YING LI play ?

    Nobody with a functioning brain would ever choose Tandara over ANY of these three (luckily unavailable) SUPERTOP PLAYERS !!!
    Vakifbank is getting worse ever day: they lost K Hill, they'll lose Kirdar (retiring) and Sloetjes and they seem to not have signed Karakurt...
    I see a decling team for Guidetti, whereas DREAM TEAM FENERBAHCE, with BRICIO, KYK, CARLI LLOYD and possibly one among YingYingLi and De Cruijf, will be topping the turkish league and the CEV CL for the next 4/5 years :teach: ...

    ECZACIBASI: they'll keep Larson for sure and never sign an injured Natalia. They should sign instead either JACK or Mina POPOVIC as MBs.

    Boskovic, EGONU, HAAK and YingYingLi are 11 Times better than 31 years old Tandara :box: :box: :box:

  • Admon stop dreaming about Carlo Lloyd She already signed for Brazilian team and Robin is staying in Conegliano.

    I said it before that Bricio will become one of the beat server in The World, but She already become the best one. Her serve is jusr amazing, her reception is to shaky and when it come to her attack. Sometimes She has amazing performance like yesterdays and sometimes not so good and with some silly mistakes She is attacking very good when sets are fast, She played with Skorupa, Wolosz and Glass, all of 3 setter played fast volleyball. I'm very interested how She will play when sets are not so fast. For Fener it will be very important who will be their setter and their second OH. Fener second OH needs to be good reciver...

    I don't know why but I think they will say signed KYK and foreign setter. That is the best option for them.

    And my God what crazy this team would be when We talk about serve. KYK-Bricio-Eda-Polen :white:

  • Minas might've renewed with Carol Gattaz (MB).

    If that's the case, the team is gonna be: Macris-Bruna, Gabi-Natália, Gattaz-Mara, Léia.
    Not bad.

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    Wal won`t retire, she will play one more season. If she stays with Praia, let`s hope they won`t sign Carol.... makes no sense to have either of them on the bench. But if Wal goes to Minas makes no sense to have Mara on the bench..... Hopefully Carol stays in Europe or goes to a smaller club like Fluminense, Bauru/Sesi and takes Anne with her.

    Fabiana's renew is not certain yet. Maybe the MB duo will be Carol and Wal.

  • Gabi and Natalia are almost certain to sign with Minas. So Bartsch is probably not coming to Brazil.

    Don't think it's possible unless one of Natalia or Bartsch becomes opposite.

    What are your verdict on Bruna? I don't think I've watched her play at all.

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