2018 / 2019 Transfer Rumors & Discussion

  • I think I am not only one who consider Turkish league for money. Even I think more players like Larson, Boskovic and etc...consider about money too...There are 4 teams always play semifinals. It is Galatasaray, Eczacibashi, Fenerbahche and Vakifbank. Sometimes Galatasaray barely play in final, they mostly get 4th place in Turkish league. I don't find Turkish league more interesting if to be honest. I only watch games among Fenerbahche, Eczacibashi and Vakifbank, sometimes Galatasaray's game.

    If to be honest, Italian league and Brazilian superliga are more exciting for me. They have more teams with similar powers :whistle: but I surely can say There are more star players in Turkish league. Their stars are much stronger than other championships.

  • i dont think there's one single league in the world that has many teams (e.g.> 5 teams) to compete for the title ? this is how it is and how it has been till now
    can you tell me how many teams used to compete for the championship when the Italian league was at its best times ?
    ...this is so in every league..3 or 4 teams compete at the best and others are the sauce of the league..thats it!
    Italy had Conegliano and Novara last season..same for Brazil...they have 4 teams but one of them (Minas) threw in the towel earlier.

    so saying Italy and Brazil have more "equally good" teams to compete for the title is truly not correct and doesnt make any sense to me.however,i CAN'T object to the idea of finding the matches of those leagues more "exciting"..its personal preference and is ok.

  • It is my opinion I find Italian league the best interesting ( it is not only this year, since 2000). Brazilian league is the second interesting for me. And 3rd place Turkish league on my mind. I don't compare foreigner stars of clubs or etc. I mean difficulties of leagues. If compare stars Turkish league is ahead but interest of Turkish League is 3rd place for me. It's my opinion another one can find Turkish league more interesting but for me it is 3rd interesting league.
    next year I know Eczacibashi or Vakifbank can be champion of Turkish League because of their strong and unstoppable players. If Fener don't get KIM they can play 3rd place game with Galatasaray but I don't know which teams can be champion of Italy it is always changing. Hope my explanation will be understanding by volleyball fans ;) it's my own opinion

  • At least I have a hope their champion will change one day but about Turkey I'm hopeless one day Galatasaray or Besiktas or Samsun Anakent or etc clubs will be champion of Turkey :lol:

  • I mean Vakif, Eczaci, Fener are really strong clubs but other clubs level are far away from them. This made Turkish league less interesting for me. Also Turkish big stars like Nesli, Naz, Eda didn't play middle level clubs like Italians did :whistle:

  • better stop being too much off-topic..im bored of these cliches

    I told my opinion. You can or can not agree with me. It is not interesting for me. I am trying to be honest when I tell my opinion. If you are bored I didn't force you to reply my posts lol. :lol:

  • this will be my last post on this matter.
    put Vakıfbank in Brazil league..does the 4th or 5th team have any chance to beat them and get the trophy?
    put Vakıfbank in Italy..could the 3rd or 4th team beat them ?
    thats why Bursa or Beşiktaş cant beat them and wont bcz Vakıf is too strong for these teams to beat..
    this could make it boring..i may be agree with you..but 2 +1 teams in the league can challenge them at least..that is not bad!

  • Italian league is more balanced.It is really enjoyable.But this year we always watched Imoco-Novara finals, there was no surprise.

    I love Brazilian league because they have so many good local players and they are not only gathered in two teams.

    I love our league because i love watching best players.We have watched so many stars in last years.The matches between Vakifbank-Fenerbahce-Eczacibasi-Galatasaray are really excited.Also the matches between the other teams are very exciting like Bursa vs Nilüfer or Beylildüzü vs Halkbank.

    Btw if you put Zhu or Boskovic in Imoco, no one can beat them in Serie A :win:

  • I liked Turkish league more when Besiktas was champion of them in 2005 if I am not wrong and Eda played there. Their clubs approximately were similar power. But now Turkish league are controlled by Eczacibashi, Vakifbank and then Fener and Galatasaray. Do you really understand me? I do not need to put Vakifbank in any league. I know they can be champion of any leagues. Their players are really strong and big names. And this really made Turkish league less interesting that didn't give a chance to others :whistle:

  • This, honestly at this point I find people disrespectful towards Turkish mid level teams acting as if they're nothing. Not to say, there were even upsets this season as Halkbank beat FB and GS Seramiksan beat FB Bursa had beaten VakifBank as well. I also would love to see Busto, Monza or lets say Minas beat VakifBank. :whistle: Turkish mid teams level was not even low last season at all!

    I do agree that Turkish big players should play in mid teams and I can see it happening for next season.

    you guys are really weird. I mean Turkish mid level clubs are not bad too but Vakifbank and Eczacibashi and their strong players made less interesting Turkish league. They didn't give a chance Bursa and other mid level clubs to be champion of Turkish league. If you still don't understand my opinion. It's better to stop, I'm not gonna say it again

  • Wow Hooker must have some serious issues! She blocked three GS fans I know on twitter who expressed their dissapointment in a kind way. She also blocked me on twitter because I wrote "She missed a good opportunity, now she can retire and take care of her child. She also proved how right Karch was when he didnt trust her" in Turkish, so she must have translated it. When I heard this transfer I was worried about her personality and some good GS fans told me that she changed and matured a lot after she had her baby, look now. I am speechless :wavy:

    Oh and she kept writing "God bless you" before she blocked everyone hahahahah :lol:

    GS should consider Rahimova seriously and Neriman as OH at this point. If Cagla is not gonna happen, they have to sign Nilay & a good 2nd setter asap, can be Duygu Duzceler. This transfer season is a mess!

  • i thought she (Hooker) could be useful for Galatasaray..its a pity that it wont be realized...Rahimova is also good option for Galatasaray ..problem is who will be the setter? what about Buse Ünal or that tall setter of Karayolları Elif Şahin ?
    though Çağla Akın isnt my fav. setter..she would be pretty good in the absence of good setters :lol:

  • Neriman is more expensive for GS also Rahimova I think took 400.000 USD appx.
    GS will adaptive lost of young players.If I wish a player unless Ataman Coach stays I never go to GS
    Gs firstly changed coach then start to transfer

  • Not shocked even though I like her volleyball she is well known for not being able to keep promises ;) This girl has completely declared the world her enemy lol sometimes a simple peek in the mirror is enough to hit back to reality

  • if i were the coach of Gala..i would use talented locals. : Aslı Kalaç,Hande Baladın,Tuğba Şenoğlu,Ilkin Aydın etc..

    what about Meryem Boz...Seramiksan is having a finacial hardship...Galatasaray could consider her as OPP

  • I dont know why people still trust Hooker honestly, she is a great player, no doubt, but she never showed to be a team player, or a club one for that matter....so its always a risk to have her or to go after her, it could go well, but it could also go really wrong... If I were a team manager, I wouldnt take that risk...she is not the player you can rely on.

    Anyway, seems like she will go back to Osasco. they will announce a new sponsor next week..and she will be their main reinforcemen for next seaon.