2018 / 2019 Transfer Rumors & Discussion

  • I completely forgot about Casalmaggiore and Monza.

    Chieri, Cuneo, Brescia and Club Italia are coming from A2 I guess. Filottrano takes the spot from Pesaro, doesn't it?

    Pesaro refused to play in serie A1 because of budget. Yes, 4 clubs are coming from serie A2

  • Thanks.

    So next season Serie A1 will be once more awful. Half of the teams are good, the other half comes from A2 or very bad/weak seasons (Casalmaggiore/Bergamo, Filottrano).

    And River Volley disappears with its 2 league titles, 2 Italy Cups, 2 Italian Supercups and 1 Italy Cup of Serie A2.

    Other historical places are gone. Pesaro for the second time in the last 5 years. Modena (which actually was Piacenza) after a slow and painful struggle. From bad to worse.

    At least there won't be anymore cases like SAB Legnano hopefully.

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  • Rumors about Martina Guiggi joining PAOK (the new team of Mitar Djuric)

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