2018 / 2019 Transfer Rumors & Discussion

  • that is correct. It does not matter Buijs is listed in Monza, she didn’t even play a single set with Monza as far as I know so she can be a good choice although i am not sure she can be the player they needed. I do not see Buijs is a player who can achieve that big.

  • I don't think Imoco would hire Grothues, because she can't play in CL. But I think she can be useful for them. She is a sollid receiver and Imoco has great attacking middles and a good opposite, so Wolosz can play a lot with them. Also Grothues likes fast sets and Wolosz is able to do that. But with CL in mind I think Buijs is the best reinforcement for Imoco, because she is a good attacker. So when they need attacking power on the outside, they can bring her on court.

  • Tandara would be very good choice for them.

  • Tandara in Conegliano sounds promising but not sure if she would fit in Conegliano’s stystem. Megan was the power attacked of this team and she completely fit into this team.

    Malesevic is a no no for Conegliano.

    Maret surely can be usefull but she wouldn’t need in attack wise and she can’t play CL so I see that is not going to happen.

    Rabadzieva could work in this team as well but I am not sure if she can play with fast ball system.

    Buijs and Tandara both are currently injured so management might not want to risk it.

  • Malesevic is a no no for any top team in the world who wants to win trophys.

    Tandara and Buijs is the better options, on this circumstances, but I have a feeling that Tandara is almost recovered from her injury, who it seems wasn't so serious.

    Maret of course would be good too, but I think that Tirozzi is there for the same role, so no.

  • I don`t think Conegliano should even be wasting any energy by trying to find a new OH.... Sylla/Hill is the best u can get and more than enough to win Italian league....but when it comes to Champions League no one can match Boskovic/Kim and Sloetjes/Zhu...so it would be just a waste of money for them because all they will get it a silver at the most.

    Novara is the one that should be worried because Egonu is alone in that team... unless things change when Plak comes back. Otherwise they will certainly need Egonu to score over 30 points every game...and that won`t be enough against the Turkish and not even against Conegliano in the playoffs.

    Tandara already posted a video saying she will be back with Evergrande and there`s videos of her training. And they are very much in the hunt to reach the final stages of the playoffs....so not evne Rabadzhieva would be available.

    But I still can`t believe Gabi declined Conegliano`s offer before the season started. I think Natalia had something to do with her decision <3...

  • No team can’t match with Wolosz, De Gennaro and Conegliano MBs duo. With Gozde and Naz Vakif barely beat them so calm down.

  • No team can’t match with Wolosz, De Gennaro and Conegliano MBs duo. With Gozde and Naz Vakif barely beat them so calm down.

    with Zhu off the floor......but when Zhu was on........ Conegliano had no chances.

    I do think Conegliano is a super strong team.... but players like Boskovic, Zhu, Kim and Sloetjes have that "X" factor... only a few players in each generation has it...and it happens in every sport.

  • Conegliano is a really good team but even Novara with one star(Egonu) beat them. I don't think they can eleminate any Turkish team at CL.

  • Tijana Malesevic started to train with Developres Rzeszów (POL). She will train with them, have some physical and medical test and maybe they will sign with her as a replacement for Helene Rousseuax.

    Good for her. But the thing is that they already have Blagojevic which does exactly what Malesevic does. Rousseuax is more physical and can score a lot of points, something that Malesevic can not do it.

    Malesevic could be useful next to someone like Regiane Bidias for example.

  • Anna Grejman (OH) will replace Seline Ilyasoglu in Radomka Radom, it should be announced soon.

    İs Selime kicked out from this team as well?😱