2018 / 2019 Transfer News

  • Well, I wouldn't compare her to Klisura. Not everyone is destined to become a world class player like Stevanović, but Savić turned out alright and has had some very good performances in Poland, so I'm surprised she's returning to Serbia (although her future club Železničar is probably the only club here that has at least some kind of money and a hint of ambition). But I guess that's what happens when the market is getting more and more limited by the day.

    I agree with Matthias that the Romanian league seems like a bubble that's going to burst sooner and later, but the way things are right now, it will have to do for a lot of players at the moment.

  • Speaking about Maja, she played better and better every season. She spent last season in Muszyna but the club was closed and she had to look for another club. There were a lot of rumors she will play for Developres, but Żabińska decided not to take maternity break and they already had 4 foreigners (the limit is 3 on court) so Savić wouldn't play at all. Definitely, she deserves more than serbian league.

  • I would have to check the stats again but Savic certainly ended the season among the TOP 5 middles. Her and Randenkovic was a great duo, that`s why Pomi signed Danica and that`s why I posted on the Serbian NT page saying it was not fair that both of them were not invited for the NT. So I`m extremely surprised Savic was not able to find a better club like Danica did...very disappointing because she can totally play in a stronger league.

  • Galatasaray dissolved the contract of Inky Ajanaku because of her current injury. Too bad, I really wanted to watch her and although I never watched her, I was hopping to see she would get her shape back since everybody said she was a good prospect.

    I also wonder who is free for Galatasaray but that should be for discussion topic.

    Forgot to add the link from Voleybolunsesi.com;


  • This is the second season in a row she will miss just before it started becuase of an injury. ;(

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