Russian NT 2018

  • Pankov about his choice of Biryukova:

    – В этой связи вариант с привлечением Яны Щербань рассматривался?

    – Яна не была в сборной в этом году. А вот Бирюкова прошла весь подготовительный этап. Выбирал между ней и Кутюковой.

    - In this situation did you consider to get Yana Sherban to take part the Championship?

    - Yana did not participate in the National team events this year. And Biryukova took part in the whole process of preparation. I chose between Biryukova and Kutyukova.

  • With Goncharova's injury, I hope Lazareva will get more playing time in Moscow, and hopefully will get invited to the NT season next year. She has more potential than Malygina and is tall unlike Kotikova. The coming club season will be her calling card so to speak

  • Not sure if anyone has mentioned it before, but it looks like Anna Malova has returned to playing volleyball :woohoo:

    She is on Uralochka's roster for Champions League on CEV website. I hope she'll also be back to NT next year...

    Seems to be confirmed ( Good news for Uralochka. They probably had the worst libera last season...

    As for the NT, I think they are doing much better in Japan than expected.

  • I was just thinking the other day what happens when Goncharova retires? As evidenced by the recent WCH, the trend is clearly a strong and dominant attacker and Russia needs to find Goncha's heir apparent soon. Russia already have a good OH duo in Parubets & Voronkova but the backup OPP spot is still a big question mark coming into 2019. And come to think of it, Goncha is already 29 this year and she will probably retire after Tokyo 2020 and will be far from her peak years after 2020.

    Malykh - is a good enough attacker, but her usefulness is limited by her size

    Malygina - very tall, but sadly very poor in all the elements

    Voronkova - can probably be a good candidate at OPP, but Russia really needs a tall OH1

    Biryukova - I don't see anything special in her game really

    Kotikova - Her natural position is at the opposite position, but she is even shorter than Malykh

    Lazareva - tall, good arm swing, and has potential to be good.I think she is the best candidate to be Goncha's backup and should have more playing time in Moscow and NT starting next year

    *Kosheleva - If she ever decides to return to NT, IMO I think her best spot is to be Goncha's backup and Koshe is a good blocker as well perfect for the double sub (but highly doubt Koshe will agree to be backup :wavy:)

    *Kadochkina - Someone in the WCH thread mentioned here this player, but at 15 years old she is really too young to be even considered maybe after 5 years? But after seeing some of her videos, this girl might just be the next big thing if her development is good

  • I agree that Russia has a problem when Goncharova retires, but I would expect that she will be playing Tokyo 2020 if healthy.

    As for the possible players:

    Malykh - best option at the moment (maybe also Stolyarova), but nothing special

    Malygina - disappointing so far, no improvements in the last years

    Voronkova - is needed as OH at the moment but could be an option with Parubets and Krotkova or Kotikova as OH

    Biryukova - pretty weak attack, don't like her

    Kotikova - I think she is better as an OH and should be improving as a probable starter in Kazan this season

    Lazareva - I do not have high hopes for her since she is hardly ever used... haven't seen her in quite some time. was not used in the last russian cup game I watched (Stolyarova played instead). She probably should've gone to a smaller club.

    Russ - might be an option. at least she is playing...