Italian NT 2018

  • i was surprised to see egonu receiving service in that one match but she wasn’t a disaster. ortolani can also receive service well, so the question is, which position is better for each player to attack? wouldn’t ortolani prefer 2, and egonu 4? i do agree however that both sylla and bosetti are needed in the ITA system. while i like pietrini too, i wish he would give guerra more chances, she has improved a lot. mingardi hasn’t been impressive yet.

  • I like Orro a lot, but Mazzanti prefers Malinov and Cambi. I think that the choice for the WCH will be among these three players, anyway Malinov is a starter and Mazzanti doesn't take her out of court so often. The question is who will be her back up..

  • Next week Italy will play a friendly tournament against Netherlands,Turkey and Russia.

    These players were called: Bosetti, Chirichella,Danesi,De Gennaro,Egonu, Fahr, Lubian, Malinov,Mingardi,Nwakalor,Orro, Ortolani, Parrocchiale,Pietrini e Sylla.

  • After Gloria Cup, Mazzanti called 15 girls to train and to compete later in Montreux.

    Orro and Mingardi are out of WCH, I'm sorry for Alessia, I'm a big fan of her and I think she's better than Cambi..but I trust Mazzanti!

    Cate Bosetti is out, it is better for her to recover from her injury without hurry.

    Fahr will take part in the U19 European championship..

  • Mazzanti released the final roster for the World Championships.

    S: Ofelia Malinov (Scandicci), Carlotta Cambi (Bergamo)

    OPP: Paola Egonu (Novara), Serena Ortolani (Monza)

    OH: Lucia Bosetti (Scandicci), Elena Pietrini (Club Italia), Miriam Sylla (Conegliano), Sylvia Nwakalor (Club Italia)

    MB: Cristina Chirichella (Novara), Anna Danesi (Conegliano), Marina Lubian (Club Italia), Sarah Fahr (Club Italia)

    L: Monica De Gennaro (Conegliano), Beatrice Parrocchiale (Firenze)

    Anastasia Guerra and Laura Melandri are out.

  • Neither Lubian or Fahr are "ready" right now... Melandri and Bonifacio are still young but has more experience and could help this team much more. Unless their focus is Tokyo and not the WCH.

    I feel like the Italians never know what they want.... Like Bonifacio was a great prospect, she won the tittle with Novara ...and then after that she goes to Novara bench barely plays and now does not even get a call for the NT anymore.....same goes for Melandri as 2 seasons ago she was one of the TOP middles in the league....

    and just year another younger girl will show up and they will drop Lubian and Fahr. .......Orro is another example.

    another thing....wasting time in the VNL by playing with Guerra while keeping Syla on the bench??? I just don`t think Mazzanti is the right coach for Italy. Just imagine what Guiddetti would do if he was their coach.....

  • I guess Italian coaches are focusing on long-term results, that's why they are investing in younger players. Take Danesi as an example, she was quite unexperienced in 2016, although she was chosen as one of Italy's starter MB in that olympics. I don't know, but maybe this is a guideline of the Italian federation, and not simply Mazzanti's choices.

    Wasn't Sylla recovering from an injury during VNL? That's why I thought she was out.

  • sylla played well in montreux. i'm also suprised nwakalor was chosen over guerra. i saw some match briefly in montreux, neither one could pass to save their lives... but guerra has more experience. i find guerra hot and cold, some days she attacks really well, other days, she's easily blocked.

    whatever happened to gennari?

  • Danesi wasn't a starter in the OG (Guiggi and Chirichella were).

    For the rest, Bonifacio suffered a (not better defined) injury during the summer, so it wasn't exactly a choice to keep her out.

    Physical problems are also suspected for Melandri, in fact she wore the second libero shirt in Montreux and I think Fahr was actually already out of the last 15 list (plus, she was sent to the U19 ECh).

    And Lubian was one of the best in the VNL.

    Sylla was also dealing with an injury during the VNL.

    Gennari didn't trust her knee to last the whole summer with the NT.

    Diouf didn't want to stay with the NT, that's why Ortolani was called back.

    Last, Italian first true goal of the Mazzanti era is the next ECh, and in that prospective it make sense anyway to have young players available.

    About Nwakalor-Guerra I can't say, since lately I'm not in love with the latter and I've practically never seen the former playing.

    I hope I answer all your question/doubt ^^