Germany - VBL 1. Bundesliga 2018/2019

  • I don't follow German league that closely, but I've been reading that Stuttgart is the better team here for years now and I have yet to see them prevail over Schwerin (and Dresdner when they were winning trophies). If I had to bet, I'd put my money in Schwerin without a doubt.

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    Bronze - World Championship 2014 (W) Prediction Game

  • The second set they didn't win by luck, I even think Schweriner should have won this match in four sets. Schweriner proved they can win against Stuttgart, especially in the cup final when they were much better than Stuttgart.

    I think the teams are pretty much equal. When they meet each other in the finals, it is all going to be about service pressure. When Schweriner can't put enough service pressure on Stuttgart, it is going to be easier for Stuttgart to kill the balls because of the weaker block and defence of Schweriner. But if Schweriner can put Stuttgart under pressure with their serve, it's going to be difficult to beat Schweriner. In this way they have a big advantage with their better setters, because they can play a very fast game.

  • Erfurt - Münster 1:3 (11:25 25:20 17:25 25:27)

    MVP: Tess Rountree / Marie Schölzel

    Aachen - Straubing 3:0 (25:21 25:20 25:18)

    MVP: Kirsten Knip / Celin Stöhr

    Potsdam - Vilsbiburg 2:3 (20:25 25:14 21:25 25:22 13:15)

    MVP: Nia Grant / Channon Thompson

    Suhl - Stuttgart 0:3 (21:25 16:25 18:25)

    MVP: Claudia Steger / Madison Bugg

    VCO Berlin - Vilsbiburg 0:3 (12:25 21:25 18:25)

    MVP: Athina Dimitriadis / Leonie Schwertmann


    1 Stuttgart 20 19 59:11 55

    2 Schwerin 20 19 58:14 54

    3 Dresden 21 13 47:29 42

    4 Potsdam 21 11 44:37 37

    5 Vilsbiburg 21 12 38:31 35

    6 Münster 21 12 40:36 34

    7 Aachen 21 11 40:36 34

    8 Wiesbaden 20 10 36:39 28

    9 Suhl 20 9 32:40 26

    10 Straubing 21 5 21:52 16

    11 Erfurt 21 3 20:57 9

    12 VCO Berlin 21 0 10:63 2

    Schwerin-Wiesbaden on Thursday as TV match, then the last round of regular season next Saturday.

  • Weak match by Schwerin, which took this one not as seriously as required, resting Geerties and Barfield at the begin... Wiesbaden was playing with glowing hearts to secure the last playoff slot, which they took after winning first two sets with 24:26 (!) each. That means a lot, because Schwerin has no chance anymore to finish on the top of the league the round. But in the middle field there are possibilities for changes still on Saturday now. Schwerin lost in four sets...

  • So we have definitely following order of the three top teams:

    1. Stuttgart

    2. Schwerin

    3. Dresden

    The remainder is a complex affair: Wiesbaden is not necessarily eighth at the end, they could improve to seventh, if they win with three points against Suhl (not unlikely) and the derby Münster vs. Aachen ends with a clear three point victory for either team (hard to tell, what will happen there). Potsdam might have an advantage, because Stuttgart needs no more to win against them, but can end on fourth to sixth place, Vilsbiburg could improve to fourth, but also drop to sixth, and both Münster and Aachen could either drop to 8 or raise even to fourth place :) .