Germany - VBL 1. Bundesliga 2018/2019

  • I always watched Sport1 Germany by a FirstOnetv-stream...but the website doesn't work anymore.

    Does anybody know a website where I can watch Sport1-stream tomorrow (Stuttgart-Aachen)?

  • NT roster is out (looks like there isn't a thread yet). Also, Lisa Thomsen will return as team manager.

    Name Club Caps
    Lina Alsmeier USC Munster 0
    Nele Barber VC Wiesbaden 0
    Josepha Bock VCO Berlin 0
    Linda Bock USC Munster 0
    Kimberly Drewniok SSC Palmberg Schwerin 24
    Lenka Dürr Red Ravens Vilsbiburg 205
    Jennifer Geerties SSC Palmberg Schwerin 139
    Corina Glaab Red Ravens Vilsbiburg 0
    Lisa Gründing LiB Aachen 27
    Denise Hanke SSC Palmberg Schwerin 215
    Selma Hetmann VC Wiesbaden 0
    Annegret Hölzig SC Potsdam 7
    Denise Imoudu LiB Aachen 11
    Pia Kastner Allianz MTV Stuttgart 14
    Luisa Keller USC Munster 0
    Louisa Lippmann Il Bisonte Firenze 116
    Hanna Orthmann ProVictoria Pallavolo Monza 14
    Anna Pogany SSC Palmberg Schwerin 27
    Jana-Franziska Poll Allianz MTV Stuttgart 81
    Marie Schölzel USC Munster 58
    Leonie sword man Red Ravens Vilsbiburg 46
    Lena Stigrot Dresdner SC 72
    Celine Stohr NawaRo Straubing 0
    Camila Weitzel Dresdner SC 0
    Emilia Weske SC Potsdam 0
    Natalie Wilczek SC Potsdam 0
  • Aachen is a mess in the second set=O

  • Yes Potsdam is playing great today! But next to that I have a feeling that all Schweriner players a underperforming today. The reception is really bad today, both setters can't make a difference and the attackers have difficulties to get the ball on the ground.

  • Aachen looked tired to me both physically and in their heads today. But of course it is a totally different thing to play against at last feeble team of Dresden or against the league round winner.

  • I have not seen the Schwerin vs. Potsdam match, but statistics show interesting differences: while Schwerin was better in attack (42 to 36 %) and service (especially 5 aces more), they made way more mistakes than the guests (28 to 20).

  • First decisions in Dresden: the club does not offer new contracts to Amanda Benson, Lena Möllers and Maria Segura because they did not fulfill their expectations and Dresden has a bit of financial trouble as well, so I assume they can't afford having both Apitz and Möllers as setters. Wezorke and Planinsec are leaving as well and they want Weitzel in starting six next season. They are looking for another club where Michelle Petter can play as starting libero which means she won't stay either. They want to keep Ivana Mrdak and Nikola Radosova but are still negotiating with them.

  • Schwerin needs at least one of Drewniok/Adams to finally arrive in the game, but then today their setters don't make life any easy for them easy. Potsdam has improved a lot throughout the season, while Schwerin right now is nowhere near their 100%.

  • Some TV numbers from the last two semis: Stuttgart vs. Aachen was below 80,000 at average, but was a short and very one-sided affair, Potsdam-Schwerin had yesterday 110,000 spectators at average, which is okay, I think.

  • They really need a challenge system in German league! The referees are wrong zo many times:wall:

  • Aachen had a great chance to tie 1st set at 23:24 but didn't use it and now they start 0:6 into 2nd set :wall:

    They are nowhere near the performance they showed against Dresden, but of course Stuttgart is a much tougher opponent too.