2018 CEV U17 Volleyball European Championship - Women

  • u17 ECH started

    Turkey barely beat Ukraine 3-1.It seems very tough match
    lets see if who/any talent will come up from this generation ? MB Damla Tokman played with 14 points.passing seems weak.according to Cev page, libero Gülce Güçtekin played a good game

    some interesting results :
    Belarus beat Serbia 3-1
    Bulgaria beat Russia : 3-2

    according to Romanian's coach Italy has a strong team and the biggest fav. for the title.there are two black italian/afro-italian girls in the team.Seems Italy keep discoving its black power

  • as far as i got from the Stats
    Turkey's starters :

    S : Çağla Salih
    OPP : Ipar Kurt
    OHS :Elif Su Eriçek,Sabire Karacaova
    MBs : Damla Tokman,Melisa Nur Temiz
    L :Gülce Güçtekin

    Ipar Kurt is seen as MB on Cev website, Elif Su Eriçek as Libero 8|

  • i wish laola would broadcast some matches from U17 Girls ECH..

    btw..World of volley, considers Valeriia Gorbunova who is currently playing in U17 ECH for Russia, amonsgt the most promising young female volleyball players

  • in POOL II : Italy beat Turkey 3-1..as far as i see there arent any /certain promising players in turkey talking depending on the stats

    German team is also doing well..

    i guess italy will advance to the semifinal and one of Germany and Turkey will advance too..Germany is likely to advance
    Turkey beat Romania 3-2..Germany beat 3-0..

    poo I is very intricate...4 teams have 2-1 W-L

    btw..Romanian Ioana Alexia CARUTASU seems to be a promising player

  • Looking at the stats of this tournament, many teams put up ridiculously high numbers of aces and terrible reception numbers. IMO this is not good for the long-term development of the players because it means that other skills can't be learned in a way they'll need it as senior players. For example how will we have strong middle hitters in the future when the juniors don't get to attack quick balls at all due to too strong serving and bad reception?

    A few years ago I saw something interesting in a youth tournament in Austria: players had to serve underhand, everything else was forbidden. It ensured more/longer rallies for sure...maybe something similar could be implemented on international youth level to reduce the dominance of serving ?(

  • Turkey beat Germany 3-2
    as far as i understood..Turkey used the match ball in the fourth set but Germany managed to win that set 27-25 then in the tie break Turkey lead first 13-7 then 14-10 (this reminded me of epic Fener-Eczacı semifinal tie break last season :lol: )but German girls made it 15-15 then Turkey won 17-15

    Turkey is receiving with four players at least for this match (even the OPP of the team is receiving) 8|
    5 players played almost 10 and over points for Turkey ,this number was 3 for German team
    Both teams seem weak at blocking : 6 and 5 blocks in a 5-set match are very few
    Germany made 18 passing errors ,Turkey 11 ones
    Best scorers : passing OPP Sude Hacımustafaoğlu 21 points,Lane henke 20 points

    Now Germany has to beat Italy (the best team of the pool) to advance to the Semis.
    If Italy beats Germany in any results and Turkey beat the Netherlands then Italy and Turley would advance..
    If Germany beats Italy then Italy adn Germany would advance to the Semis

  • Italy beat Germany 3-0 and Turkey beat the Netherlands 3-1..Italy and Turkey advanced to the Semifinals in Pool 2
    Russia and Bulgaria advanced to the Semifinals from Pool 1

    semifinals :

    Italy vs. Bulgaria
    Russia vs.Turkey

    i guess Italy vs. Russia final as first possibility
    Italy vs.Turkey as second possibility
    Bulgaria vs.Russia as third possibility
    Bulgaria vs.Turkey as fourth possibiliy

  • Turkey beat the Netherlands 3-1 but the reception of Turkey was pretty bad : % 25 positive and % 10 excellent :!:

    if they wants to beat Russian should receive,attack much better than that.

    seems Sude Hacımustafaoğlu (passing OPP) is relatively better player.Elif Su Eriçiçek's percent is pretty low like in the former match
    Sude,Sabire and Damla (MB) seem to be better/(relatively)more reliable players

  • Russia-Turkey : 3-0
    Italy-Bulgaria : 3-1

    Final :

    Third place :

    seems Bulgaria played well against Italy except third set.They fought a lot to force Italy for a tie break in the fourth set : 28-26!

  • seems the most brillant player amongst all the groups of the players is Romanian Alexia Ioana Carutasu!

    she made 36 points (% 53 and 6 blocks) against Slovenia
    she made 32 points against Ukraine
    she made 23 points against The Netherlands
    she made 20 points against Germany ( %52)
    she made 21 poinst against Turkey
    she made 19 points against Italy

    i hope she can be very good player for Romaninan volleyball

  • Aleksandra Georgieva from Bulgaria is also very promising player and i hope a future volleyball star.

  • thx for the link KK15

    i watched the fourt set of Russia-Italy match.
    Russia won 3-1 and got the gold
    Both number 15's of Russia and Italy are strong good attackers

    Turkey beat Bulgaria 3-1 and got third place.This generation got the 6th place at U16 ECH last year so this bronze at U17 means they made some progress
    i coudnt watch any matches of Turkey but considering the stats, any players hasnt attracted my attention in this generation of Turkey.Partly Mb Damla Tokman,sometimes OH Sabire Karacaova and OPP Sude Hacımustafaoğlu

    the players who attracted my attention are :
    Romanian Carutasu
    Bulgarian Georgieva
    Russian Gorbunova
    Italian Omoruyi

  • Dream team of U17 ECH :

    Best Outside Hitters:

    Aleksandra Georgieva (BUL)
    Loveth Oghosasere Omoruyi (ITA)

    Best Middle Blockers:

    Elizaveta Kochurina (RUS)
    Claudia Consoli (ITA)

    Best Opposite Hitter:
    Sude Hacimustafaoglu (TUR)

    Best Setter:
    Polina Matveeva (RUS)

    Best Libero:
    Gülce Güctekin (TUR)

    Most Valuable Player:
    Valeriia Gorbunova (RUS)

    Carutasu's team wasnt in the Semis..yet she deserved to be given an award

  • Congrats Russia! I was really hoping for a tie break, but it didn't happen :(

    Canter , among the italians Sofia Monza (setter and K) is considered very very promising, but she was ill these days so didn't play much/very good neither the semifinal nor the final.

  • Somewhat surprising outcome, because mostly Russian girls make way to many mistakes in this age usually, but this time they did better. Anyway, overall the first three places for Russia, Italy and Turkey are no surprise at all; Serbia was better mostly the last years, but this year it didn't work out. A pity for Germany, which lost all chances for going to World Championships after good beginning in three matches against Turkey, Italy and Belarus and can only play in Baku next year the European Youth Olympic games as seventh of the EC. But this testifies once more the principal deficits in education in Germany, especially well visible in the last group match against Italy, where they were inferiour in every regard.