Serbian NT 2018

  • We are not blaming anyone for they attacking performance...we r blaming the lack of usage of them.... Stevanovic only got like 8-6 sets against Turkey.
    If she starts using the middles and it does not work....well that is another thing....

    Rasic`s level dropped....just like the level of every Vakifbank dropped ever since Zhu arrived as Naz only sets Zhu all the time. Remember Sloetjes was having a awful season and then Cansu started and everything changed for her. And Rasic played how many games with Casu?? SO of course they would not have a good connection.

    And we r not saying they should only set the middles either... the OH needs more sets as well.

    We should stop blaming the setters (Ana/Zivkovic) for the attacking performance of Rasic and Veljkovic.. Rasic's attack has been declining since a few years ago, and in Vakof she wasn't that great too.. playing with Naz and Cansu.. It's obvious Veljkovic is in a pretty bad shape since the start of this competition. I think Stevanovic performance is okay, although she has never been as great with the NT as she has been for her club..
    I do agree, Antonijevic and Zivkovic are not doing a good job so far, but they aren't to blame for the performance of the middles

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  • Terzic should take Mirkovic as the back setter and not Zivkovic. Because after 2020 of 3 ( Maja, Zivkovic, Anna) will be retiring Serbia will need a setter to take over.

    Maja does not need to play VNL...just let Mirkovic and Danica/Cirocovic play....And the World Cup also will be just a friendly tournament and Maja does not need to play as well... But I think she certainly should play at the OG qualification tournament considering Turkey and Italy are stronger and even Poland will be a dangerous team.

    I`m so happy....because this "Silver" ( Golden) generation of Serbia truly deserves this.... We don`t know what will happen after 2020, but now with Maja back they will be able to fight for Gold in the WCH and OG ( assuming Maja wants to be there).

  • According to this website Maja is back.....…ovratak-u-reprezentaciju/

    I wish Ognjenovic would be more honest with fans of Serbia's volleyball. She's been contantly retiring since 2012. I'd think I would enjoy more if she declares that she's not interested in small tournaments like VNL, which is completely understandable because of the length of time she's spent on the national team after all those years. Anyway, great to see her back!

  • Heh. It will be good to see her back, but on the other hand, the only reason she's coming back is that the other setters sucked. And we can't keep counting on her to bail us out forever and instead need to find a long term solution ASAP.

  • nice for the Serbian NT but Maja's return may not be enough for the WCH ,also Mihajlovic should be back in a good shape for Serbia to fight against Usa,Brazil,China etc.

    will Mihajlovic be back to the NT on time for the WCH :?::!:

  • After Zivkovic and Antonijevic's performances at the VNL, something had to change for Serbia to have any chance at the WCH.

    It's a shame that there is no other solution, but on a personal level I'm obviously delighted to have her back :rose:.

  • Heh. It will be good to see her back, but on the other hand, the only reason she's coming back is that the other setters sucked. And we can't keep counting on her to bail us out forever and instead need to find a long term solution ASAP.

    This is a very good point. If Serbia don't invest on setters they have, they will have very good short-term results, while for the next olympic cycle, they'll have only an unprepared and unexperienced setter whom is Mirkovic (and maybe other prospects). My point is, how able will she be to asume the position when Ognjenovic decides to retire?

  • 20 players selected for the NT training starting next week:

    S: Maja Ognjenovic, Ana Antonijevic, Bojana Zivkovic, Sladjana Mirkovic
    Opp: Ana Bjelica, Tijana Boskovic, Sanja Malagurski
    L: Silvija Popovic, Teodora Pusic
    MB: Milena Rasic, Stefana Veljkovic, Jovana Stevanovic, Maja Aleksic
    OH: Brankica Mihajlovic, Jelena Blagojevic, Tijana Malesevic, Bianka Busa, Bojana Milenkovic, Sara Lozo, Katarina Lazovic.

    Is Mina Popovic still injured?? :white:

  • Brankica said that her recovery is going very well and she should be ready to start training in the middle of August. So, that's about a month and a half before the WCh and she should be in some shape by then. Not to forget, it's a long tournament and she should not have to play full time at once. Terzić is being cautiously optimistic about her chances of going to Japan.

  • The Serbians need better agents and they must be smarter.... MIlkenkovic will be a backup in Scandicci ( I still can`t believe this as she will get 0 playing time).....Busa and Mirkovic backups in Chemik....Lozo in Kazakhstan OMGGG...she should just stayed with VIzura... Bjelica in France ( she can do better than this) ....I wonder if Aleksic will bench or start in Albaj?..... Pusic, Malagurski, Malesevic all without a club still? ..

    That`s not good this young generation must be playing and gaining experience so they can take over after 2020. Otherwise Serbia`s level will drop drastically.

  • Vizura is in financial trouble, their budget has been reduced and they're eager to let most of their players go. Kazakhstan is indeed a bizarre destination for Lozo, but I guess they were willing to dish out the most money at the moment, for whatever reason. I think Aleksić can be a starter in Alba, she's good.

    Yes, a lot of players are still searching for a club. Malešević apparently has some offers from Turkey.

  • Živković is not there yet because she's getting married this weekend. :flower:She'll join the team next week.

    They'll be heading to Bosnia in the beginning of August for two weeks of training there. It's expected that Brankica will start training with the team when they return to Belgrade after that. She's sure she'll be fully ready by WCh.

  • Does Serbia has any friendlies scheduled?? Brazil will host USA for 4 games and then they also have Mountreux....( Italy,Turkey,Russia will be there as well)...Netherlands will host Italy,Turkey,Russia for the "Rabobank Super Series".... I heard that Turkey will host the "Gloria Cup"?? I`m not sure which teams were invited I don`t think Serbia is among them??...

    Please don`t tell me they will be playing AGAIN against Bulgaria... I really wish would play Mountreux or at this "Rabobank Super Series".

  • okk...."Gloria Cup" Turkey,Italy,Russia and Azerbaijan....August 22-26

    Serbia will be in Slovenia to play against the host plus Netherlands and Azerbaijan.

    Maybe the Serbs were invited and they declined.... at least I would think Turkey/Italy/Netherlands would be more interested in playing against Serbia over Russia/Azerbaijan.