2018 U19 European Championship

  • Yes sure you are right and she doesn‘t have to smile if she is who she is and comfortable. I just got the feeling that she is making those facial expressions like looking way to serious for example for a winning pose on purpose on the pictures.
    And sure she can be masculine which is not a problem but she catches your attention with that attitude which is not linked with a negative meaning.

    Judging her as a spectator she looks like she may have serious problems with coaches in a few years when her confidence grows and realizes how important she is for the future of turkish volleyball. I am judging her with almost no knowledge about her as we couldn‘t watch her regularly but she reminds me as the female version of Ngapeth, as she could be difficult to work with, but as I mentioned before just first expressions nothing serious and it can turn out completely different.

  • Turkey beat Spain 3-1 and is qualified directly to the U19 ECH finals..

    two most promising players of this generation played a good game
    Ebrar Karakurt with 22 (% 53) points and Derya Cebecioğlu with 21 points (% 43)
    Derya's 21 points more important to me bcz she also received 15 balls 2 errors and with 73 positive and 47 excellent and made 3 blocks and 1 ace
    Mb Merve Atlıer 10 points with % 73
    seems Atlıer gets few balls but plays with a good percent (at least it is so in the last two matches).she also seems to be a promising MB

  • i just checked MB Merve Atlıer's stats :

    she played with :
    11 pts (6 blocks) % 50 against home team Slovakia
    10 pts (4 blocks ) % 50 against Croatia
    10 poinst (1 block) % 73 against Spain

    so Ebrar ( 194 cm) ,Derya (185 cm) and Merve (192cm) are the promising players of this generation..