2018 U19 European Championship

  • I have to point out today's performance of German MB Camilla Weitzel with an incredible 94% (17/18) in attack plus 5 blocks :white::obey:

    It's been obvious for a while that she is by far the biggest MB talent we've had for years, and in this tournament she shows what she can do. I hope she'll make it to senior NT asap!

  • It was even 3, Poland had also 15:14. Just watched the end on Laola and Polish MB Gryka hurt herself badly at 15:16 ;( She landed on her teammate's foot after a block and it looks like she twisted her knee during that bad landing, not the ankle. She was obviously in a lot of pain, and after the interruption the Polish receiver overpassed a rather easy ball and the match was over. What a terrible way to end a match for the poor Polish girls...

  • You're right Matthias. I would say coach Kawka is like the master of losing tie-breaks. Even when he was a coach of U-23 or polish team B or Dąbrowa Górnicza his teams really often lost after leading like 14-10 or even 8-0 in tiebreaks :D I have no idea why it happens so often but it's quite interesting.

    Btw, Magdalena Stysiak yesterday scored 34 points (53%) attacking over the opponents block :D

  • Congrats to Italy adn Russia.

    actually Turkey could have won but they couldnt do the right things at the right times..in this tournament.this trio Derya-Yaprak and Ilkin came into prominence howeveri i always expected more from Derya and i generally didnt like her stats in this tournaments .Ilkin Aydın attracted my attention more though she was the OP of the team.

    frankly,before the semis i thought Russia and Italy fav.s...however both Turkey and especially Poland could have won.

    Polish team was very close to a win but they failed...i think it was 10-6 in the fifth set.. and i thought they would win..seems Poland will have another good OPP...maybe they should use Malwina as OH in the future

  • Congrats to Italy,Russia and Poland!

    Ilkin Aydın played a good game..Yaprak Erkek too..Derya Cebecioğlu should have played better..Polish OPP Stysiak, especially OH Baluk

    and other OH Gorecka did well.

    Italy's Afro-Italian players played a good match. OPP-OH and MB..Battista-Omoruyi and Kone....Fahr did a good job too..Russia was pretty good at blocking but not that good at attacking

  • Dream Team of the #EuroVolleyU19W

    Outside hitters:

    Oliwia Baluk (POL)

    Derya Cebecioglu (TUR)

    Middle blockers

    Viktoriia Pushina (RUS)

    Sarah Luisa Fahr (ITA)

    Opposite Hitter

    Magdalena Stysiak (POL)


    Polina Matveeva (RUS)


    Sara Panetoni (ITA)


    Valeria Battista (ITA)