Italy - Serie A1 2018/19

  • Credits to Shame, thank you very much. Please God let Fabris play in a Philipinian league or anywhere far in a very very unpopular league so we don‘t have always hear how good any club where of course Fabris plays is good and that league included.

    Thanks that CRO NT is not a successful one otherwise we would read the same in the NT like 7/24.

    cro No offence but you are not a volleyball fan in my opinion you are just a fan of a player and her club where she plays and of that league. You don‘t need to praise your player or club or league all the time. Just come up with facts like after the match with good commentaries but no guess working with your if if if if before matches as Shame said.

    Thank you.

  • Let him "hype" his player or club. There are hardly any limits for "trashing" players/coaches/clubs here, so why should there be any for "hypeing" them? IMO, the latter is far less annoying.

  • Guys, please, don't be rude to Crovolley. I just need him to talk in the right topics.

    He can talk about Fabris and Imoco in this topic as much as he wants.

    My problem is that he did it in the 2018 WCH all along. Thanks.

    I gave him a tip to talk about more real stuff and asked him to be on topic wherever he writes.

    He was warned not to go off topic and insult people, so we're ok now.

  • Today the league will start, finally!

    The first match will be Conegliano-Casalmaggiore and Rai Sport will broadcast it live at 20:30.

    I think this season will be interesting.

    It's possible, you just have to believe in yourself and really not care what other people say, because I've heard it all.
    If you let someone else dictate what you're going to do in life, then you won't get there.

    Non so neanche come onestamente: in due mesi ero di nuovo in campo.

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  • Rai Sport

    Stream for today match (20:30CET) between Imoco Conegliano vs Pomi Casalmaggiore :woohoo:

    Pre-sales 2.200 tickets sold, venue Pala Verde.

  • Match is starting this is much better stream with good quality.

    Lets go Imoco ! :)

    Starting six




    De Gennaro

    Pomi with best starting line up.

    Rahimova in, Marcon in for Bosetti.

  • Very easy 1.set for Conegliano.

    Pomi is not ready as team at all, great individuals but reception is not their. Radenkovic can't play her game at all.

    Wolosz is just doing magic like always. So great setter to watch. Her connection with Fabris is just great. De Gennaro defence is just on point. Doing amazing job.

  • 2.set 25:22 for Conegliano

    Second set is much more interesting...

    Caterina Bosetti is in the game :D Now they are playing with 2 others OHs Bosetti - Gray and they are doing better job with them.

    Nagaoka made her debut with serve sub :)


    Samadan is making quite good debut perform in Seria A, but She is error machine at service line.

    De Gennaro is just giving amazing sets for his players. My God She is amazing.

    With Easy and Tirozzi playing this good for now, Santarelli can put any of his 4 OHs and they will still have very good OHs duo:)

  • I think it is still too early to judge... Players seem not ready, maybe Serie A should also have started a few days later like Turkish league but then again the players will need even more time to really adjust. Ofcourse still with this line-up of Conegliano, Pomi should do better.. I really like Pomi line-up, hopefully they can improve with each match!

    On the other hand, Conegliano is solid as a rock as always! De Gennaro>>>> everyone else

  • Pretty terrible performance by Pomi. They obviously have a lot of time to improve and I'm sure they will but yeah, they need to forget this match. Conegliano :thumbup:

  • Very easy victory for Conegliano 3:0 (25:12, 25:22, 25:14)

    Best scorer: Megan Easy 18 points. 70%attack

    Fun info: 4.630 fans in first match of the season !

    Their is no bad thing in today Conegliano game, reception was stabile, attack on very high level, with De Gennaro defence was so on point and her sets just amazing. Wolosz was giving everyone sets. Easy was very good, her reception was stabile and attack very dominate She is very good with fast game. I really don't know who will be their "original" OHs starters. This two played very good but Hill and Sylla are great too :lol:.

    Fabris played her game with not so much sets but with high 62% in attack, She can do better from service line.

    Pomi is on start. Radenkovic didn't showed good performance and She was sub. very soon. Rahimova with a lot of errors but sets were far from good so she taked a risk. Second Pomi MB is just week, not blocking or attacking. Spirito played good match with few good defence playe from her.

    Kakolewska had poor performance with only 27% in attack.

    Happy to see Bosetti back :)

  • Oh fly, Pincerato sets were just off, especially for the second line. Really ugly to watch, actually. And the confront with Wolosz (amazing for me) wasn't merciful...

    Conegliano OH squad is quite impressive.

    I'm very happy Cate Bosetti si back!

  • Today the most interesting match is supposed to be Zanetti (!) Bergamo against Yamamay e-work Busto Arsizio. Is there any stream for it on RAI or elsewhere?

    They stream every match of Seria A, you just need to make account. It is free, you can make one with your facebook or with mail. It is very easy and their streams are good.

  • Folie had the libero jersey, she'll need one-two months to be back.

    Robin is on her way to recover.

    The only think I don't like about Conegliano is that someone among Sylla, Tirozzi, Danesi and Folie will (almost) always stay on the bench...

  • Folie had the libero jersey, she'll need one-two months to be back.

    Robin is pin her way to recover.

    The only think I don't like about Conegliano is that someone among Sylla, Tirozzi, Danesi and Folie will (almost) always stay on the bench...

    my predicition for starting six for Seria A and CL




    De Gennaro

    Tirozzi sub for Sylla and Megan sub for Hill.

  • Conegliano is too strong for Seria A. Just 3-4 teams can beat them atm.

    IMO Hill and Sylla will start as starters. But Easy looks like at good shape. There will be good battle between OHs.