Italy - Serie A1 2018/19

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  • Next week first matches of Seria A !!! Can't wait :D

    So many world class players, so many strong teams :box:

    I'm just wondering who will be starter in the first match for Conegliano. 4 players are coming from WCH (Sylla, Hill, De Gennaro, Danesi) and 2 are still recovery from injury (Robin, Folie) :D

    Same goes with Novara (Egonu, Christina, Veljkovic, Bartsch)

  • the Italian mid-level teams have invested well for the upcoming season

    my opinion on some teams in Serie A1 :

    i wonder how they(Conegliano) will use Hodge ?? im guessing Hill and Sylla (aftre the WCH) will be the seems Hodge will stand on the bench .i hope Nagaoka can have her pessimistic about her considering what european volley first demands from a player

    what about two injuried MBs ? Robin-Raphaela ?

    i have question marks about Novara's setters...They seem to have passing problems with Bartsch-Plak and Nizetich considering Piccinini is just retired.

    i like Scandicci and also Firenze to some extent

  • Picci didn't retire, She will after end of this season.

    Both Folie and Robin are training with team. Their was some video where Folie attack proparly so I'm not sure how is going with her recovery.

    Pomi made good transfer, better than last season so they will be dangerous as well with Rahimova as main weapon and come back for Bosetti C.