Italy - Serie A1 2018/19

  • Everyone develops at their own pace, depending on several factors, both internal and external, such as the competition for their position on the team and so on.

    Rašić arguably played the best volleyball of her life when she was 21, while Gioli hit her peak when she was past 30 already.

  • The first time I knew Piccinini was 2004 when she appeared in a nude calendar published in the Italian magazine. What a beauty! :heart:

  • SuperCoppa 10.11 - 20:30 CET Rai Sport

    Imoco Conegliano - Igor Novara (PalaVerde)

    Can't wait for first match of the season between this two teams. Both teams looks very strong they performed good in first few matches at start of the season. Conegliano has little home advantage probably in front of 5.000 fans.

    For me the key of match will be reception, especially with Conegliano because of their fast game and how good Carlini will play for Novara. Yeah we can talk about every single player but it would be to long post.

    I'm interested which OHs will be starters in both sides. Conegliano with Sylla - Hill, Novara Nizetich-Picci with stabile reception or they will ad power in attack with Plak or Bartsch.

    Overall I'm hoping to watch high level volleyball !!!

  • Picci-Nizetich would mean a weaker guessing one of these two + one of Bartsch-Plak duo will be on the floor

    lets see Who wins the first big match of Serie A1

    With Christina and Veljkovic as MB + amazing Egonu having stabile reception would be better option than having shaky one with Plak or Bartsch. Carlini could play faster with more options in attack and making easier for Picci and Nizetich, But okej I get it your point.. Novara have option that is for sure.

    At this age Picci still can be starter over same younger players, this is just out of this World... What a legend:super:

  • Agree! Carlini's performance will be very important to Novara. She has great attackers, so she needs to set the proper balls to her hitters. Considering she is not yet a mature setter, that's quite challenging for her especially when they are now facing such a strong opponent. I hope she can hold on to it and bring out her good games.

  • Look forward to watching this game too. I guess Bartsch will be one of OHs in the starters.

  • Will be a great match, hopefully just like FB-VB though I'm not sure I can take a 3rd tiebreak in 1 day... :lol:

    When will the game start?

  • 20:30 Central European Time. So in exactly 25 mins from now ; )

    Thanks. I hope youtube will have a stream when it's about the time.

  • Nizetich - Bartsch as OH starters and Easy - Sylla as OH starters.

    I'm not sure with Conegliano OH line up, reception will be shaky ?(

  • Imoco's another OH's name is Easy? any more info about her? She's a new face to me.

  • Easy-Hodge, USA, last year out for Achille's tendon rupture

    I think I'm cheering slightly for Conegliano, I love their game. But I mostly cheer for a 3-2, so I'll probably switch side a bit :P

    Glad to see Robin back in an important match