Turkey - Vestel Venüs Sultanlar Ligi - 2018/2019

  • It seems like Halkbank will play with only local players this season. They keep all the locals from last year except libero Derya Cayirgan (transferred to Galatasaray) and they transferred defensive OH Ada Germen from Galatasaray:

    Aslıhan Kılıç (Setter) - Tutku Burcu Yüzgenç (Opp)

    Fulden Ural - Ada Germen (OHs)

    Ceyda Durukan - Ezgi Kara (MBs)

    Eylül Akarçeşme (Libero)

    Indeed it is not a bad roster anyway since they have many players who played in senior or junior NT (all except Ceyda Durukan from starting 7) Still it is a very young team:white:

  • Guys remember American super MB Alexis Crimes that last played in Sarıyer but was not present recent volleyball season? I just thought some people were or would still be curious what happened to her so will post this video that I recently found by coincidence that explains it pretty much.

    Seems she was struggling with bad injuries :(

    Now we just need to find out about Jessica Jones (Tow-Arnett)

  • Dead. XD Just saw on Voleybolplus KYK arrived in Istanbul so went to check her Instagram and then found a slightly funny, slightly shady situation.

    At KYK's most recent instagram photo, Kristin Hildebrand (American ex Fenerbahçe player) decided to go along with the still angry FB fans and posted, 'Fenerbahçe for life' as a joke in the comments :lol: The best part is Eda Erdem liking Kristin's comment but not even the actual photo. :rolll:

    I sense next season rivalry!

    Personally KYK is my all time fave player so despite being a FB fan, will support her and root for her as always :box: