Turkey - Vestel Venüs Sultanlar Ligi - 2018/2019

  • Do you think Fenerbahçe is weaker than last year ?

    let me make a comparion btw the rosters

    In the Current Roster
    In the Last year's Roster
    Ana Antonijevic - Sıla Çalışkan
    <Setter> Nootsara Tomkom - Çağla Akın
    Melissa Vargas - Polen Ünver
    < OPP>
    Polina Rahimova - Polen Ünver
    Samantha Bricio - Fatma Yıldırım
    <OH> Natalia Perreira - Mia Jerkov
    Eda Erdem - Bahar Toksoy - Dicle Nur Babat
    <MB> Eda Erdem - Bahar Toksoy - Dicle Nur Babat
    Melis Yılmaz - Merve Dalbeler
    <L> Melis Yılmaz - Merve Dalbeler

    Perreira was injuried and couldnt show the performance she had shown in her first year in the league..So Bricio is better than a injuried Natalia..i would prefer a healthy Natalia but i like Bricio too..she is an explosive and talented spiker.

    Rahimova could be a monster ,also make easy mistakes..i believe Vargas could fill in her absence ..i would prefer Tomkom but Fener's second setter is better now (Sıla>Çağla). also Ana has the block advantage to Tomkom..Fatma is a better defensive player than Mia Jerkov

    so you can see Fener doesnt look weaker than last year, imo