Poland - Liga Siatkówki Kobiet 2018/19

  • Good news is she didn't have to go to hospital :)




    Source of the pictures; nowiny24.pl

  • Poland has only 2 spots for CL next season.


    Where is the full list? - Sorry, it is officially online already, but total Chaos by CEV again, now the same results as the year before used, despite 2019 is already over for the women's competition.

  • Where is the full list? - Sorry, it is officially online already, but total Chaos by CEV again, now the same results as the year before used, despite 2019 is already over for the women's competition.

    They always use this system. The don't count 2019 for this year's ranking. Last year they didn't count the points from 2018.

  • Last year they didnt use this system. For the season 2018-2019 they counted the points of 2017-2018. Greece and Italy had the same points (118) for challenge/cev cup.

  • This season is over so it's good time for few words about each team.


    Team without volley 'stars' but with many players with passion that give everything they can on court. Two experienced setters who helped this team a lot during this season. Marta Wójcik was just amazing.

    Klaudia Alagierska who has 1 block/set and not bad serve efficiency and 49% in attack. Zuza Efimienko who's experienced MB. 0,7 block/set and 49% in attack. Regis who played awesome play-offs. I think that was her best moments in polish league. Wójcik with good reception on 43% (the girl who couldn't receive 5 years ago) and 38% in attack. And Monika Bocieck who had many ups and downs but help the team when they needed her.


    All about Jovana. Almost 24 points/game. That's insane. 46% in attack, efficiency 33%, good blocker. Pencova was good this season. I know she had some horrible games but still she's one of the best blockers and second scorer for Budowlani. Gabi Polańska - I have to comment it. Serve efficiency... -37%. She's out of this world in terms of serve :D


    Zaroślinska, Blagojević and Mlejnkova - trio of leaders :D I think they could use the MBs more often. Really. Witkowska who has 52% in attack got only 200 balls during the whole season. How this is possible? Witkowska is also second best blocker of the league. On the other page is Maja Tokarska. Who has 15 net touching erros and only 98 spikes the whole season also not good blocking stats (0,5/set). I don't want to blame Barakova but they should've used the MBs more often.


    The best scorer for Chemik is Busa (who is hated by many people), second best scorer is Chiaka and then tere is Martyna Łukasik who played half of the season as starting opposite. Martyna wasn't that bad opposite but I think she should be converted to OH. She looks like typical all-arounf OHs and I think she could be a good one. She received only 21 times this season bur her stats weren't that bad. Best blocker of the team is... short Iga Chojnacka with 0,6/set. It's the main difference between Chemik and top3 teams that they didn't score many points by block.


    I think their main problem was opposite position. Konieczna played almost in every set but her average is 2,98 points/per which isn't that good (35%, 14% efficiency!). Moskwa was not bad blocker but her attacking stats aren't the best :D Mucha and Różański played good season.


    I think they are the best serving team in the league. Pałac's problem was short bench. Magda Mazurek didn't have real backup. The setter Andersohn played only 10 sets the whole seson and Mazurek had many ups and downs. Natalia Misiuna who was good attacker good only 275 and had 44%. I don't remeber her having so bad stats :( But still Misiuna is their best blocker. Ziółkowska played quite good season in terms of serve and attack. I think Fedusio deserve more chances to play. She has stats similar to Polak but played less.


    Team that had like 20 players the whole season (some of them were fired before the season started) :D They're kind of like ŁKS. Team without big names with many troubles but hey were able to finish in 7th place. It's hard to say who was the best :D Kecman, Janicka, Ogoms and Lazić had many great and many bad games :( Best cloker was Alicia with 0,7/set.


    Budowlani's syle but with two good opposites. When Szczepańska played bad she was subbed by Abercrombie and when Abercrombie was bad she was subbed by Szczepańska :D Opposites scored like 40% of the points. Best blocker was Bałucka who is weird player like she can block 4 times in a row and for the rest of the game she's always late and can't touch the ball. Alishanova didn't get many chances to play. I thought she might be a starter, Sakradzija didn't make big impact for the game as well.


    They were lucky they had Strantzali, Azizova and Stencel who had decent season.


    I can't believe Polak and Kicka were able to play the whole season almost without sub. Bailey Tanner was fired soon, Pickrell wasn't good player, Damaske, Gryka were injured. Legionovia was such a mess this year. Górecka with good stats for 19 y.o girl. She can be really good all-around OH.


    Also many injuries, many erros but they somehow survived. Łozowska had great season also Murek and Soter were playing quite good.


    I'm happy they're finally out of this league. Only Svetlana Dorsman had a good season. According to the rumors she will play in Israel next season... I'd like to see her in Poland or France next year. She might be one of the leaders for Ukrainian NT this summer.

  • I'm so content that Brakocevic played awesome this year getting her old form back, she's too good and young to retire. As usual she remains her powerful passion and love for volleyball. Besides she got a lot prettier ^^

  • 😍😍😍

    All her haters are dying right now....they are gonna hate her even more..... I guess hate translates into points.


    I don't understand your vibes: are you serious? :/

    I didn't know people hate Busa. 8|