Poland - Liga Siatkówki Kobiet 2018/19

  • It's half of July and only 3 teams have closed their rosters. This is unusual.

    Yes. Because the clubs waited for PLPS decision.

    For example MKS Kalisz really wanted to merge with Impel or take a spot from KSZO. They had sponsorship deals etc. But they won't play in LSK so they lost the sponsors that wanted support the club in LSK... This is why Janicka and Dybek will probably join KSZO.

    Impel waited so long. Roksana Brzoska almost signed a contract with Pałac but she got offer from Impel and will play for them.

    Also Pałac found a sponsor, and it looks like they want to sign with better players. I feel so sad they didn't renewed their contract with Misiuna ;(

    but Agata Witkowska and Tamara Kaliszuk are going to sign with them.

    ŁKS didn't announce their last OH. I guess it might be Maren Fromm or someone experienced who will replace Sielicka.

    Proxima had to find a new Opp because of Martyna Łukasik :D

  • I thought Witkowska was going to take a break ( at least that's what Wikipedia says :D ). I've heard that Julia Andruszko may join Proxima but I hope it won't happen.

  • Kristina Kicka (Mikhailenko) will play in Legionowo. Alicja Wójcik is staying and Małgorzata Jasek is changing her position to MB.

    Justyna Łysiak will play in Chemik Police and Weronika Centka in Budowlani Łódź (according to Montreux Volley Masters website).