Poland - Liga Siatkówki Kobiet 2018/19

  • Mirkovic should get the best setter award. Her performance during this tournament was actually good while Rabka had a good game yesterday but today she did absolutely nothing.

  • Looks like Micelli doesn't trust Eva Yaneva nor young OH - Basia Zakościelna.

    Agree with your opinion about Martyna. She would be just bench player. 8-10 years ago when polish league was really strong we had a lot of players with potential that decided to spend their careers on bench in the top polish and club earning a lot of money. But that's normal volley life and people's choices.

    Exactly, when i watch Medrzyk I have such impression. Imo she has potential and should leave polish league some time ago. Now she has good contact and average/weak shape. Also the same with Bednarek(-Kasza). All life in polish league and for last few seasons only bench players. What a waste of potential... girls should take example from Kasia Skowronska.

  • Of course Chemik Police broke the trophy :Dhttps://twitter.com/kpschemikp…tatus/1104815120880939008

    OMG! I love Chemik Police and their celebrations! They always manage to break a trophy! :cheesy:<3

    But the way Aleksandra Przybysz did It is something out of this world, it was just epic: the "crack" sound, Ola's and her teammates' reaction; not to mention that guy who takes the big trophy and puts it away from her. Wow!

    I need to see that video once more. :heart:

  • Latest results:

    ŁKS Łódź - Chemik Police 3:2 - Chemik played without Ogbogu and Łukasik, the OHs and Gamma did a poor job, on the other side Bidias with 18 points and 45 % in attack and Alagierska with 7 blocks. The rest was mediocore.

    Radomka Radom - Pałac Bydgoszcz 1:3, great game by Krzywicka, Polak-Balmas and Fedusio, who came from the bench and had 10/17. She's wasted there. Overall, I won't be surprised if Pałac will win against Budowlani during play offs, cause they are playing really good as a team.

    MKS Kalisz - Budowlani Łódź 2:3, Bączyńska was an OPP 2 seasons ago and now she's OH and has huge problems with attack, but in reception she's doing really good. In every match she's receiving about 50 balls and she's making around 3 mistakes. It's strange that right now she can not contribute in attack at all. What happened to her? She was so explosive. Good games by Jovana with 29 points (4 blocks) and Stysiak 26 points (5 aces).

  • We know everything :win:


    1. Chemik Police 57

    2. Developres Rzeszów 53

    3. ŁKS Łódź 47

    4. Budowlani Łódź 46

    5. Pałac Bydgoszcz 42

    6. BKS Bielsko - Biała 35

    7. E.Leclerc Radom 25

    8. MKS Kalisz 23

    9. PTPS Piła 22

    10. Legionovia 21

    11. #VolleyWrocław 17

    12. KSZO Ostrowiec 8

    Chemik and Developres automatically in the finals.

    Play-offs (finals):

    Budowlani - Bydgoszcz

    ŁKS - Bielsko

    Play-offs (11th place):

    Wrocław - Ostrowiec

    Lost team will play against the best one from 1st ligue - the winner will play in LSK.

    So next year Champions Ligue - Chemik, Rzeszów and probably Budowlani :teach:

  • Anyone knows why Ogobogu didn't play recently? According to her IG, she is flying back to the US. But "not for good" (quoting her own words). Hopefully she is okay.

  • According to the news, she was sick last week.

    Chemik Police players got one week free because they don't play quarterfinals.

  • Some news :whistle:

    Chemik Police really wants to keep Ogbogu (MB) but she was stunning this season and I think it will be very hard. Mirković (S) contract expires but probably they will keep her for another year.

    Budowlani Łódź are negotiating with Julia Nowicka (S), her manager wants a lot of money which her current club (Bielsko) can’t ensure. Jovana Brakocević (OPP) for sure will leave because she has really good offers for good money not only from Italy.

    Developres Rzeszów wants to hire Emilia Mucha (OH) and Marlena Pleśnierowicz (S), Monika Ptak (MB) will be back and probably she will replace Katarzyna Żabińska (MB) who wants to take a maternity break (she wanted last year also but she is still playing :lol: ). Rzeszów wants to play in Champions Ligue next season so maybe Rousseaux (OH) will stay because she wants to play in a team which plays in european cups.

    ŁKS Łódź will look the same next season, they just want to hire another OH, the only players which are uncertain this moment are Bidias (OH) and Gajewska (MB).

    Mira Todorova (MB) got an offer from polish team but I don’t know which one, there are also rumours about Daria Przybylak (Paszek) (OH) comeback from German ligue.

  • interesting... I expect Brakocević to go to Italy! That would be very exciting to watch whatever team she ends up on! I also hope Ogbogu goes back to Italy to play for a good team. Rzeszów could be the most dangerous team in the polish league next year!

  • First match of play-offs:

    Budowlani Łódź - Pałac Bydgoszcz 3:0 (26:24, 25:22, 25:22)

    MVP: Maria Stenzel (L)

    Budowlani: Brakocević 18, Stysiak 17, Pencova 8

    Pałac: Gałucha 14, Misiuna 12, Balmas 9

    Łódź closer to the finals :box:


    There is an agreement between polish clubs that they wait until season is over and only then start to make transfers (of players who arleady are playing in the ligue), because there were a few situations when the player was arleady hired in other team and still had to play for previous team and didn't give her best, but Budowlani Łódź broke this rule and arleady wanted to hire Natalia Murek (outside hitter from Volley Wrocław).

    The club president of Wrocław was furious because they finally found a solid sponsor but this sponsor wanted to have strong team and one of the requirements was to have Natalia Murek in this team, now there is a big problem because Natalia almost signed the contract, she would like to play in CL and coach of polish national team Jacek Nawrocki supports this decision - he also wanted Martyna Łukasik (opposite) in Chemik Police last year to let her improve and she decided to stay in Poland instead of flying to USA, so his opinion is very significant. Also Magdalena Soter (middle blocker) who has an amazing season, got an offert a few weeks ago, but he didn't say from which club.

    Wrocław's club president reported this situation to polish association but they said that this is only oral contract between clubs :wavy: He is disappointed because now he is afraid of being of his club, he thinks that there is no more solid polish outside hitters and he needs to search abroad and also pay more for not much better players. He is not sure about this money because the sponsor needs to have a confirmation that the team will be strong so he can't promise anything his players while other teams without waiting till the end of the season are trying to sneak him solid players. It's not the first time so he is very angry also he doesn't like action of Budowlani which bought very strong players from the other teams in the middle of the season (Bączyńska, Stysiak) :gone: He is also angry because in Budowlani there will play 3 outside hitters from national team (probably Twardowska, Bączyńska and exactly Murek) and the rest of the teams can't make strong squads while very solid players are sitting on the bench.

    Now he is considering what to do - he had arleady signed for another season Klaudia Felak (outside hitter/opposite) who had an injury and libero Karolina Pancewicz, Natalia Murek who should be one of the best players probably will leave, the same could be with Magdalena Soter. He prefers to have younger but perspective squad insted of paying more for average players from abroad so he is ready to build another not so strong team for next season but on the other hand, he would like to see Wrocław on the top of the ligue again.

    But for sure Wrocław will stay in LSK for another season, they have enough money, no debts, the will be back to Hala Orbita - a big hall, they want to have much more supporters in the stands and have stronger team. We will see what will happen to this situation, but there are also rumours that polish national coach is in talks with polish ligue association and they want to enter limits of players from representation in each team to make polish team stronger and give more players opportunities to play and make this oral contract official. New president of polish ligue will have so many things to do... :wall::wall::wall:

  • What a spanish soap opera :lol:

    About the limits - Nawrocki wanted to enter them after that season when Wołosz and Bełcik - two main polish national team setters were playing in the same team but I don’t know what happend to this idea :white:

    About Budowlani Łódź - Magda Stysiak wanted to join the team herself, they didn’t buy her contract so this is nonsense. And I think Nawrocki and Grabowski - Wrocław’s club president are really close friends so maybe it will be drama when he will try to convience his best player to leave his club :lol:

  • BKS Profi Credit Bielsko Biała - ŁKS Commerceon Łódź 1:3 (25:23, 11:25, 18:25, 21:25)

    BKS: Nowicka 2, Różański 14, Konieczna 7, Herelova 9, Moskwa 7, Mucha 7;

    ŁKS: Bidias 11, Wójcik A. 12, Wawrzyńczyk 1, Bociek 4, Alagierska 10, Efimienko 8, Wójcik M. 7

    MVP: Marta Wójcik

    ŁKS advanced to the semis, where they will play against Developres

  • this quarterfinals wasnt on high level but I am very satisfied that young polish OH showing their performance before NT season. Twardowska had great comeback after injury:super: I like both Różański and Fedusio, they are strong hitters but must exercise reception, especially Różański:teach:

    Hope to see them this summer in NT camp:win:

  • this quarterfinals wasnt on high level but I am very satisfied that young polish OH showing their performance before NT season. Twardowska had great comeback after injury:super: I like both Różański and Fedusio, they are strong hitters but must exercise reception, especially Różański:teach:

    Hope to see them this summer in NT camp:win:

    We have many young prospects as OH this year, but we will end up with Grajber as always. Murek is 4 years younger than Martyna and she's carrying her team alone, I genuinely hope that she will kick off her from the team this year. Twardowska and Mucha would secure reception enough and add way more to attack. The other two OHs should be Murek and Górecka, I would like to see 3 OPPs (Smarzek, Stysiak, Łukasik) instead of 4 MBs (Kąkolewska, Efimienko, alagierska are enough), while Łukasik should be coverted to OH.