CEV Champions League 2019

  • These are the champions of the top leagues who will not play in Champions League :

    Azerrail (AZE) - Challenge Cup

    Volero (SUI) - Volero le Cannet (FRA)

    Prostejov (CZE)* - Cev Cup

    Branik (SLO) - Cev Cup

    Haifa (ISR) -

    Asterix (BEL) - Cev Cup

    Khimik (UKR) - Cev Cup

    Olympiakos (GRE) - Challenge Cup

    Logrono (ESP) -

    *replaced by Olomouc

    Gold medal - European League M 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - European League M 2011 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - European League W 2010 Prediction Game

  • Olomouc (German Olmütz) is not replacing Prostejov, but using the qualification berth they could get anyway, even if Prostejov would have attended the CL pool phase. Volero was not eligible due to league change anymore and forced to use Le Cannets French Challenge Cup berth. Also AZE didn't get any pool phase berth anymore due to several circumstances. Just to clarify the background...