CEV Champions League 2019

  • Robin is a better attacker, but also had a lot of good touches during the season!

    But we will not come out of this anyway, because I think de Kruijf is a good player and you don't seem to like her. Luckily everyone has a different opinion, otherwise the world would be very boring;)

    Actually I like her a lot. I don't find her as good as other people on here think, but I like her. :)

  • I actually don't see a problem with the Dream Team. I wouldn't complain at all if de Kruijf was in but I also think Eda and Fetisova played very well so whatever.

  • I have to add one more thing:saint:
    In my opinion Danesi does not have the fighting mentality and the personality that is needed for a middle blocker.

    I usually like your comments but you are one sided on this. Robin is a good attacker but not a good blocker which makes her incomplete MB. She is good but not that good to give awards with this performance.

    And i noticed how she stares at the other side of the net, how she always object. We would have seen it more if they would be winning.

  • Thanks god it is over with the outcome with the win of Novara otherwise we would have a new (old) best club in the world (cause this club beat Ecz Vitra).

    I just hope that we will get less senseless discussions about Turkish league, turkish clubs, italian league, italian clubs.

    A big thanks to Samantha Fabris who may saved us by moving to the Russian league :rose:.

    Lets start creating the Russian league 2019/20 it is never early to praise Dinamo Kazan of course future best club in the world I guess.

    Lets meet us in the VNL thread, quick reminder Turkey will meet Italy on Week 5 in Ankara, that is exactly today in a month on June 19th at 5 pm CET.

    The end.

    PS: Congrats to the Netherlands by winning the Eurovision song contest and pushing Italy from the lead to the second position otherwise Italy would have the strongest league and the strongest voices!!

  • I am a bit late, but I just want to congratulate Novara! Especially HUGE CONGRATS to Francesca Piccinini! She is a living legend of the vball world! When Novara lost their league some days before, I was just rooting for them in this final. It was quite difficult to decide which team I should support.

    In one corner, the iconic Picci + one of the best current players (Egonu), while in the other side, the team which I consider that plays the most enjoyable (by far) modern volleyball. Hard, hard choice. Best teams not always wins, like it happened to USA in London (eventhough I lost 10 years of my life supporting Brazil in the QF match), or Brazil in the 2006-2014 WCH.

    I would also like to highlight that is such a pity we havent seen Conegliano with all their potential. Last time, they suffered so many injuries, now, Megan Hodge was just out of competition from the beginning. It would remain a mystery how Conegliano would perform which their free-injury squad. I do think Sylla has improved a lot in the last months; nevertheless, Hodge would have been a huge asset. So I dont think it is a big failure for Conegliano. They just confirmed they are between the best clubs in the world, top3 or even 1.

    Last, but not least, that two italian teams have just on the women and men CL is such a boost for a traditional powerhouse like Italy is. After so many years of decline, this NT is awaking. Congrats to the italian clubs & NT fans! The future is even brighter.

    PS: I loved to see Eda Erdem getting one of MBs awards. Despite of her team didnt get to the final, I do think she played a key role for her team and showed all the skills that a MB must have. Not only blocking, but also spiking, covering, serving and being a "threat" when a spiker had to face her block.

  • 200.gif

    Ahhahaahah, I was looking for this gif but you were faster than me!:lol:

    Really happy to see that Eda was praised, she is not only a great attacker but also great blocker and server. There are not many MB around who can do these all.

    Congratulations to novara! They didn't win just because of Egonu as everyone guessed previously. Both bartsch and Veljkovic contributed a lot and that's why they won. I am happy to see the legendary 7th CL win for the Queen piccinini. Once in a decade player. I wonder if she will quit volleyball in the top so that we will remember her as legend always or if she will try to get 8th CL title with Conegliano next year.:rose:

  • Paola Egonu show vs Zhu and Vakifbank. To bad that they didn't put first match when She completly destroyed Vakifbank with amazing 30points in 3sets.