Trash Can Thread: All Volleyball related discussions

  • I'm really curious do you know Italian league better than me? Last year Modena was 5th place in regular season and they played in final and got 2nd place.

    What an arrogance sorry :down: Afaik that year Modena also had one of the biggest budgets aside from Novara/Conegliano they just flopped in the regular season. Galatasaray actually had a much much lower budget then Vakif and beat them 5-0 anyway in semis. Sure you're allowed to like whatever league you want but let's be realistic.

    I personally can't watch Italian league matches as I really dislike the pink courts, it looks funny and amateur-ish. Hopefully next season all leagues make it like in the FIVB tours. Also I find volleyball with the molten ball looking boring tbh the level is generally indeed equally mediocre/good. However this year I am for the first time actually excited for Italian league, just hope they leave the tiring purple courts so I can actually enjoy it

  • If you don't watch Italian league please don't say anything it is far away being realistic :down: Italian clubs budget even lower than Galatasaray too. Galatasaray get Kosheleva who is not cheap. Imoco is the richest club in Italy. Please don't say anything if you are not sure. I watch both league I am Russian and don't have any problems with Turkish or Italian. I enjoy watching Italian league more than Turkish. I watch both of them and that's why I think I can be more realistic you of course can root for your Turkish clubs ;) I still say top Turkish clubs are more stronger than Italian clubs and Turkish mid level clubs are not weak too. But level of Italian league is better than Turkish league. It's my own opinion there is no need to show my opinion as personally

  • Ofc and I am allowed to disagree as far as I know...
    :whistle: I also watched both Turkish league finals and Italian league finals this year from quarter finals on bcs everyone kept saying how good Italian leaguea mid teams were and how balanced they were. And then all the top 3 (Busto-Monza was more a fight) beat their opponents super easily in quarter finals then in the semis Novara didnt lose a set against Busto and Conegliano had 0 trouble either Scandicci either. While Halkbank (nr7) and Galatasaray (nr4) was very close. And Fener only beat Bursa at a tb 19-17. And in semis Vb only beat Gala in a tb. As well as FB who had lost vs EzcV before that even to Halkbank and Seramiksan they beat Gala again to claim cl place.

    I did not see such a big difference, last season Turkish league finals were much more of a fight tbh :wavy: I don't know about before that. You seem a big fan of Italian league but if you really followed Turkish league finals you would have known this so...

  • There was literally 0 competitiveness in last Italian finals except the actual final and somehow it was more balanced then the Turkish one where there were tiebreaks and upset matches :lol: Well ok Italian league fanboy, sure.

  • Filottrano was 11th place in Italian league and they beat Novara 3-2 which Novara was 1th place in regular season. In Italy it is not very surprise even football league Italy have loads of similar things. Their last place teams can beat their strong teams. You are Turkish and anyway Turkish league can be more interesting for you. I like Russian league too. But I like being honest when I am talking about real things not surreal. For me topic closed :read: if I 200times explain the same things you will root for Turkish clubs and try to show Turkish league level is better than Italian which it is unfair. Pomi came to Serie A from A2 next year they got 1st place in Italian league and next CL. There is no need to discuss anything. It is my honest opinion, accept it or not it is your own problem I dont care.

  • And Seramiksan nr 10 of the league beat Fenerbahçe 3-0 :wavy: topic closed for me as well. Sure Italian league has more surprises usually but last seasons competitiveness lacked for me. Mid level teams did not even stand anything near what you can call 'a chance' not even nr 3 and 4 could make life a little hard for 1 and 2. That was super boring to me

  • Turkish league it rarely happened not often. Even I remember Vakifbank's bench players beat some mid level clubs. let's see next year which club will be champion of Turkey and Italy :) I surely can say Eczaci or Vakif can be champion of Turkey next year even Fener is out there ;) but Italian league I can't say accurate things. Maybe Scandicci or Imoco or Monza or Firenze will surprise us. I'm confused and it really make Italian league more interesting for me.
    I almost forget about Novara, maybe UYBA or Italy league really make me watch every game before thinking

  • I didn't say anything about that. Just that that I did not see the usual balance or competitiveness last season which you'd expect usually. I already said I understand why you would find Italian league interesting.

    Also lets see first the rosters of the Turkish league maybe? Eczaci looks like they might have a legendary squad indeed. Btw I don't get why everyone is so overly excited about Italian league when most squads are not even announced yet. I don't really expect such mediocre players like Nizetich will make a huge difference if I am honest. Hopefully we will have that kind of an epic battle but it is too early for me to fall for it.

  • :aww:I never understand why people keep bothering themselves for nothing, it's not necessary to like or watch it if you are not fond of that. I don't like Turkish league nor their NT so I don't watch it. You watch volleyball and any other sports to amuse yourself, obviously not in order to argue with other people or torture yourself by writing endlessly subjective topics.

  • Do you think only top clubs get Kim or Zhu or Boskovic. Pomi won CL with Kozuch who can't play in top clubs of Turkey. If everyone thought like me according to your words, everyone can't not be wrong in this case :wavy: I understand you are Turkish and for you Turkish clubs better you root for them. Okay my friend it is meaningless to talk to someone who is not open minded ;) I am unwilling to talk more. If everyone said that they would not tell lies

  • I don't care what you watch or what you like to watch. But if you keep wanting to bring up why Italian league is so much more competitive then I will look into the facts. Yea Italian teams did some amazing things and was super unpredictable normally the league itself. But I did not see that last season and thats all Im saying. People kept saying Italian league is more competitive then Turkish and then I look at the Italian matches but I cant see the competition.

    LLOYD How am I close minded? To me that is the worst insult someone can tell me actually so I would like to know

    If people don't want me to have on opinion on the Italian vs Turkish league thing then don't keep coming up with it. If it is so annoying why keep saying (also while quoting Turkish users lol) why you think Italian league is the best. Digging a hole and then being completely shocked when you fall into it? :/

    Also Emil I know you really dislike Turkish league and NT and probably also the country as you always also take every chance to point it out ;) btw and once again you took your chance. Congrats.

    I dont think LLOYD is like that btw

  • I will tell my last words for today. You know what is difference between Turkish and Italian clubs? Turkish top clubs get star players for getting CL. But Italy have tradition about strong league and clubs they do not do it for getting only CL. Their league also need it because of its strength. Even some players don't want to come Italian league because of its strength. Even when countries and clubs one day will get bored with volleyball and I am certain Italy will not. Even Velikovic said that she loved playing in front of more fans. Our Sokolova also said that Italian league was difficult. Even Turkish Gozde Yilmaz said that you had to play every game in Italy even last place clubs can beat you if you don't play well but in Turkey it is not so I have read her words after she left UYBA :wavy:

  • Good that you point out Veljkovic btw I remember Emil was so happy when she said she was not pleased in Turkey :rolll:

    Btw LLOYD Gözde Yilmaz never plays a match so I understand she doesnt find it tough :lol: but ok I see your point I am just saying I dont agree with all of it. But Italy indeed has an amazing volleyball culture and I can understand why you would enjoy watching it, crazy things happen there like with Pomi aa you said

  • How do you know I was happy with her words towards Turkey? Are you a mind reader? :roll: You could of course guess by reading but you don't see people's emotions, sorry if I was rude to say what I think about your league or NT, obviously I didn't mean to offend anyone.

    It was actually rather funny to see what she thought of Turkish league because I never had known players care how many fans come to watch their game, not more than that.

  • Gozde played more in Italian league than in Turkish league, indeed. Even she could see difficulties of games at bench too. You didn't watch Italian league and discuss it only watching 2 or 3 games :whistle: you are really weird. You can root for Turkish clubs and Turkish league but sometimes try to be honest if it is possible maybe a little bit but anyway try to be honest. :wavy: