Trash Can Thread: All Volleyball related discussions

  • I love Zhu...but to be very honest I`m tired of reading her name already.... :lol:

    I don`t know and I could be wrong, but the whole Zhu hate started with he would go in every thread, during every game...every time, and say something bad about her, like someone would say Zhu is great and he always felt in the need to prove them wrong....and after a while everyone started to notice that and it was getting out of control...

    He has done the same thing with Atanasejvic... Whenever he has a good game he does not post anything...but as soon as he has a bad game or simply a bad few points sequence he comes here and starts bashing here...calling him chocker ... and all that... He evens does this in other forums such as world of volleyball...and he used to do the same thing with soon she has a bad pass...or makes a err he comes here and starts bashing her...

    And first nobody cared...but after a while it got annoying and it got out of control.....and Zhu fans started to fight back at him.... And I did the same thing with Atanasejevic by trying to defend him.....( that`s why I had some issues with Shame).

    It is OK not to like a player....everyone here has some players that we don`t like... and Shame has the right to dislike Zhu and Ata...but simply everyone post of him would be to bash these 2......and u guys would jump in and try to defend Shame by saying he has the right to say whatever about her.. ( without knowing what was really going on). And yes everyone has the right to dislike a player..but when every post becomes about hating on a "X" player people will take notice.....Just like everyone knows how much Crovolley loves Fabris and every post he has is about her... well after a while u guys started to notice that and by now it is even annoying right?? So yeah ....same thing Shame did with Zhu and Ata.... it always come off as you guys were hating on Zhu as well just like him...and that`s how this whole " ZHU hate" started.....

    I`m not gonna lie... it was kinda fun to argue with you guys about Zhu and all the hate.... but I`m over it... it is even boring now...

    Let`s pick someone else to hate please??? .... :lol: ( I`m kidding )....But I 100% done with this Zhu topic....

    and Shame..I don`t have a problem with u anymore...I`m just bringing your name up to explain what happened. :thumbsup:

    Yeah, every year is the same to some extent. Once the transfers and rumours die out, we tend to focus on the topics for tournaments.
    By the way, I'm not sure why this whole Zhu thing began just now. She's been a huge presence in volleyball for years now and even when China won gold in Rio discussions weren't like this. I tend to skip most of these discussions because it always ends up on being the same thing over and over again, but I genuinely don't think anyone here "hates" (which in itself is already quite a strong word) Zhu. She might not be the favorite for some, which is completely understandable, but her talent and skills are undeniable to (I assume at least) everyone here.

  • Your vote matters! Volleyball fans are invited to help pick the legends that will be inducted in the International Volleyball Hall of Fame. This is YOUR chance to be a part of the historical selection of the International Volleyball Hall of Fame.

    The nominee who receives the most votes will be selected as one of the Inductees in the Class of 2018.

    I voted for Giba and Estes.

  • Giba and Jelic.

  • This, honestly at this point I find people disrespectful towards Turkish mid level teams acting as if they're nothing. Not to say, there were even upsets this season as Halkbank beat FB and GS Seramiksan beat FB Bursa had beaten VakifBank as well. I also would love to see Busto, Monza or lets say Minas beat VakifBank. :whistle: Turkish mid teams level was not even low last season at all!

    I do agree that Turkish big players should play in mid teams and I can see it happening for next season.

    you guys are really weird. I mean Turkish mid level clubs are not bad too but Vakifbank and Eczacibashi and their strong players made less interesting Turkish league. They didn't give a chance Bursa and other mid level clubs to be champion of Turkish league. If you still don't understand my opinion. It's better to stop, I'm not gonna say it again

    I do understand your point better now. It is just a general point of mine. There are also people who have said in Turkey there are only 3-4 good teams and the rest are bad which is very untrue and I thought you were also one of them but now I actually see your point and have to say I agree.

  • my point was every league has certain teams to compete for the local championship although we can watch some "interesting" matches in regular seasons..wanting more interesting matches to be played is nothing wrong

  • my point was every league has certain teams to compete for the local championship although we can watch some "interesting" matches in regular seasons..wanting more interesting matches to be played is nothing wrong

    True I mean didn't Italy have the same final now for 2 consecutive years? While Turkey had 2 different teams... I would agree more maybe if Scandicci and Monza could have done what GS did to VakifBank :whistle:

  • Vakif and Eczaci and Fener made people think about it. They mostly beat mid level clubs without more effort. But it doesn't show they are weak. Turkish girls are strong players and they like fighting as hero on court but Vakif, Fener and Eczaci don't let them shining as real hero :whistle: Eda was good at 18 y.o I remember she played well in Besiktas too. It would be great most clubs levels approximately were the same for making championships more interesting. I am really happy you finally understand me. I don't say any disrespectful towards any clubs, anyway. ;)

  • You guys really think wrong about Italian league. Strong Italian players like Ortolani, Lo Bianco, Guiggi played in mid level clubs too. Next year I think Italian league can get back their old interest :whistle:

  • Monza won game against Novara 3-2 and next year they signed with players like Adams, Begic, Buijs, Ortolani, Hancock and they can be more dangerous next year. Even Pomi was very weak this year and they also beat Novara too. Even Bergamo was 10th place and they beat Novara too

  • Besiktas played in CL they could be champion or 2rd place (our channel told Besiktas was champion maybe it was their mistakes lol) and don't take my words personally please. I only compare and tell my opinions. I even remember there were clubs in Turkish league called Emlak Toki if I am not wrong Inessa (russian, mb) played there too ;) and Emlak was Turkish champion too once