Australia NT 2018

  • Here is the preliminary roster for the Australian NT at nations league. Thomas Edgar is reconstructing his ankle yet again. Aiden Zingel and Adam White have decided not to participate in the tournament. Nathan Roberts is rehabbing his injury. Sam Walker also out with injury. Paul Carroll is missing the first two weeks for rest. So a lot of important pieces out haha.

    I have a full preview I did you can read here

    OH: Luke Smith, Sam Walker, Paul Sanderson, Thomas Ewen Douglas-Powell, Gerrard Lipscombe, Elliot Viles, Max Staples, Jordan Richards, Malachi Murch
    OPP: Paul Carroll, Lincoln Williams, Curtis Stockton
    MB: Beau Graham, Travis Passier, Nehemiah Mote, Trent O'Dea, Simon Hone
    S: Harrison Peacock, Arshdeep Dosanjh, Carson Moeller, Nicholas Butler
    L: Luke Perry