CEV Champions League 2019

  • Great match so far from Lube.

    Zaksa made too many unforced errors.

    Bruno set up some good balls at pos 3

  • Zaksa played like sh*t. I don't think Lube played on their best level, but Zaksa played awfully.

    With the attacking of Kaczmarek's 29% and Sliwka's 17%, Zaksa has no choice to compete with Lube.

  • Zaksa could not even make over 20 points in any set. A horrible game.

    I feel sorry for those Polish audience who paid to watch on court

  • Wow, Arkas has put up a good fight in set 3 and 4! Sir managed to close it with a great defence by Hoag and Atanasijevic closing the point against triple block!

    Lube did her job, they played well and it mustn't be taken for granted this year with this team. Zaksa had many mistakes, they never really entered the match..

  • How about Lube? Or we have to call them "Cuban Lube"? ;)

    I'm sorry, but I don't care a bit about Lube. I'm fan of Perugia. I find really hard to watch my team this season. I would give Trentino Leon, Lanza, Hoag and Atanasijevic right now in order to have Russell, Kovacevic and Nelli. Not to mention this season I find our middles really weak.

  • An entertaining but not really amazing match in Frankfurt between two teams with more or less similar style of volleyball. When they profess a similar style home-court advantage is usually irrelevant, the same 5 sets might easily be repeated in Belgium. The opening two parts were probably the worst by United Volleys I've seen in a while. And Roeselare could've stood better chances of snatching all 3 points had it not been for the embarrassingly inadequate serving at the end of the 4th set. Still, experience prevailed in the end.

    Attention, attention! The match was shown on the German Eurosport live! Tomorrow they will air Berlin RV vs. Skra Belchatow.

  • When will they announce the location of the finals? When they do the quarterfinals draw?

    The CL final will be held in a 3rd-party city. So, it does not really matter where the location is.

    Quarterfinal draws won't be done until all group matches (4th round) are all finished. It's still too early.

  • Kazan and Lube already locked their spots in Top 8.

  • Funny thing, Zenit SP played their "home" game against ACH on Thursday in Moscow at Dinamo Moscow's sports center last week. On Sunday, three days later, they played in the very same hall for the championship against Dinamo away. They won both games 3-0 :) It seems they made a risky but successful decision to save on travel and stay (I guess they stayed, doesn't make sense otherwise) in Moscow the entire time. I have never seen anything like it.

  • The CL finals will apparantly take place in Berlin. The woman will play on Saturday, the men on sunday. The official presentation will be on coming thursday.




  • CL 5th round,

    Perugia 3:1 Moscow.

    Perugia struggled in the first two sets, then dominated the last two sets.

    Moscow's poor reception was a loophole. Their sub setter (after Grankin left) played well actually.

    St. Petersburg 3:2 Chaumont

    They won 20:18 in set 5. Petersburg made too many spike errors. Sivozhelez was an issue for ZenitH as always. When he was in the front row. ZenitH struggled with rotation. Sivozhelez' attacking was 27%. It's miserable. ZenitH's three key blocks in set 5 saved them.

    Lube 3:1 Modena

    Keemink played well at Micah's position. Zaytsev played another horrible game with 37% Exc.%. Leal was benched for his poor reception. Kovar played a better game than Sunday' Coppa final. At least his reception covered leal's loophole. After this game, The chances of Modena advancing to final 8 are slim.

  • Trefl 3:2 Skra

    The referee sucks. He missed to call Trefl's setter's holding, otherwise Skra won the game.

    Even missing a few key players, Lomacz still played a nice game with the subs.

  • Trefl 3:2 Skra

    The referee sucks. He missed to call Trefl's setter's holding, otherwise Skra won the game.

    Even missing a few key players, Lomacz still played a nice game with the subs.

    Did you see Ebadipour blow up at the ref right after the match?