FIVB VNL Challenger Cup

  • Puerto Rico could be better addition as they are no worse than Belgium, Argentina. D. Republic...and last year`s GP they attracted around 5-8K fans per game.

    i agree about PUR except that i don't remember when they ever beat DOM... they beat in recent years BUL, POL, GER, CZE, and not just once but several times. they are def. up there with european 2nd-tier teams.

  • If Hungary wins Argentina has a good chance in beating them ... I really don`t want to see Hungary in the VNL.

    Both European League finalists are going to play the Challenger Cup. This final does not mean much. Bulgaria will probably be the champions and will be back to the elite group next year.

  • Puerto Rico's roster.

    S: Natalia Valentín, Jennifer Nogueras
    WS: Daly Santana, Pilar Victoriá, Sofía Victoriá, Legna Hernández
    MB: Alba Hernández, Jennifer Quesada, Ana Sofía Jusino
    OP: Shirley Ferrer, Génesis Collazo
    L: Dalianliz Rosado

    Enright and Ocasio will rest.
    Morales, Cruz and Mojica retired from NT.
    No info about Seilhamer, she might be retired from NT as well.

    "Voglio i tuoi occhi quando sognerai per farmi rimanere qui"
    "...come la terra la pioggia d'estate"
    "Io ti ho coperto le spalle, scoprendo tutto il mio cuore"
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  • The other Ocasio also retired?

  • The other Ocasio also retired?

    She got suspended for doping. I have no idea what happened later. Because of the hurricanes which destroyed the island, LVSF wasn't played this season. She doesn't play since 2016.

    "Voglio i tuoi occhi quando sognerai per farmi rimanere qui"
    "...come la terra la pioggia d'estate"
    "Io ti ho coperto le spalle, scoprendo tutto il mio cuore"
    - Emma :heart::love:

  • It seems to be complete chaos in some continental federations: Kazakzstan refused indeed to play and was replace by Australia (monetary reasons? I don't know) and Africa didn't hold any qualification tournament, so they were excluded and Columbia was directly in the challenger tournament in Lausanne. Participants as of now (I hope, this is now fixed):

    Puerto Rico

    Likely Bulgaria and Puerto Rico are the best, with an advantage for Bulgaria, especially if more strong players of them attend.

  • No way Vasileva to play in Peru. She can be recovered for World Championship. Emiliya Dimitrova is not in the plans of coach Petkov especially for Golden league and Challenger cup. He wants to build Silvana Chausheva as starter bulgarian opposite. She is young and can develop. Only Rabadzhieva has any chance to play in Peru but probably the roster will stay the same.

  • no ray santos or noemi santos for PUR?

    PUR without cruz (retired), morales (retired), karina o. and enright, will be depleted and rebuilding, but santana is having a great season, and the young MB, alba hernandez (208 cm), seems to be rapidly improving...

    sheila ocasio tested positive for banned drugs at the pan am games (2015?) and was banned... but she was never very good anyway...

    anyone know what the BUL roster was against HUN?

  • Look here for summary

    match summary GEL final

    and here for details

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  • While Bulgaria won easily in three sets against Australia in the first match, Columbia stunned hosts Perus also in three. Remember, that the first two teams of three of both pools will meet in the semis.

  • After second day Columbia got second win and a berth in the semis as group winner, so Peru vs. Hungary will decide regarding second place and last semi participant. In the other pool Australia is already out and both Bulgaria and Puerto Rico qualified, they will decide in direct match regarding place 1 and 2 in the group.

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