Russia - Superliga 2018/2019

  • Uralochka deserve the CL spot. They have been the only team to repeatedly give Moscow trouble and they have a nice game to watch. :thumbup:

  • Uralochka is just WOW right now :white::obey:

    Malova is back to her pre-break game and Romanova is doing an amazing job in distribution. Uralochka is scoring close to 100% with those semi-high balls in the middle, even though Kazan knows what's coming they find no way to stop it.

  • Goncharova got 23 pts (53%) and it means Voronkova was the best of match with 25 pts (56%). Fetisova 11 pts (4block), Havelkova 9 pts, Scherban 7 pts and Cleger 6 pts. Big frustration, I expected Cleger's support to Voronkova. She was the best one during whole season but in final game she reminded us she is typical Cuban player, didn't show determination she seemed as if she accepted silver medals.

    You mean the same nation that won 3 consecutive OG gold medals? :lol:

  • 25:10 :white:

    It feels like almost in every rally, Uralochka ends up getting a free ball, either directly after serve or after the 1st attack. Kazan hardly ever arrives at organising their own attack. This is really really good work!

  • Parubets is just scoring every time right now.

    She is one of the best all-around OHs in the world at the moment, I believe she was the top scorer in the league and had 55% positive reception. :obey:

  • But the difference today is that it's not only Parubets, today Klimets and Harelik are very reliable too!

    Kazan looks somewhat better with Kadochkina as OPP and Kotikova OH.

    Oh yes, it has been a great team performance so far.

  • I think Gilyazutdinov recognized in the middle of the second set in game too that his team has no chance to win the series. From that point on the only option was to hope for a miracle (like in game two when Uralochka started to make a lot of mistakes). It was just too much for the youngster (Kadochkina and Kotikova) to handle by themselves. Maylgina and Bavykina are not good enough to be starter in a top team. Furthermore Novik did not look good when she came in for Startseva (bad connection with MB and other bad sets). I hope she moves to a club where she can play more.

    Uralochka showed an incredible performance in the past few weeks. The problem is that they don't have any useful substitutes (they had Kurilo the previous season) which makes them very vulnerable if somebody has a bad day (happend against Moscow).