Russia - Superliga 2018/2019

  • Just started watching. Babeshina is setting for Moscow, not Ognjenovic. Kadochkina and Bavykina plays as the two wingers for Kazan, no Kotikova on court right now at least.

    EDIT: Moscow won 3-1. Not a high quality game whatsoever based on the 4.set I watched at least.

  • The play-off in the Russian cup will set off tomorrow and unravel the day after through the final, with Lokomotiv as the host since the tournament will take place in Kaliningrad (likely in front of a great number of spectators in the crowd), and the set-up of the compositions in the semifinals are as follows:

    Lokomotiv Kaliningrad vs Dinamo Moscow

    Dinamo Kazan vs Enisey Krasnoyarsk

    On paper, the most balanced game should be the one between Dinamo Moscow and Kaliningrad, Goncharova vs Cleger on the OPP-position as well as the "battle of the serbian playmakers" in Ognjenovic vis-a-vis Zivkovic. In the last game for Kaliningrad, against Uralochka the previous weekend, the absence of Kutyukova on the wing proved to malicious for the team in order to prevail in the end. The teams depth on her position isnt top notch, the 17-year old Valeria Shevchuk replaced her without any success, neither in attack nor reception. I believe, under the given condition Kutyukova isnt disposable once again, the reception for the home side will wind up and crack to ample holes for them in that aspect to string along with Moscow. Otherwise, if she is able to step on court, I expect a harsh battle.

    The matches will be broadcasted here:

  • The Dinamo clubs shouldn't have any difficulties in the semis. Kazan shouldn't even lose a set. The second OH (Safonova or Shevchuk) of Kaliningrad is just not good enough to challenge Moscow (expecting Kutyukova to be out).

    Some previous injured players came back last weekend: Frolova (only for a few points though), Bessonaya and Hryshkevich (starter and second best scorer)

  • The betting quotes for Kaliningrad vs. Moscow are not that one-sided - but of course, if all players can be used by the newbie team can be a major factor to calculate with.

  • I'm happy to see Kadochikina playing really well:heart:

    It seems that she prefers fast sets like Kseniia Parubets.

  • Kutyukova is on court, but to no avail for Kaliningrad. Moscow takes the lead with two sets to none and they look very solid and hard to beat right now, vastly better than the pathetic displays in the beginning of the season vs Ural and Fener. Reception is no longer a liability to the same degree, if at all, and Goncharova seems to have found her groove as well, in the first set she was virtually unstoppable.

    Btw, Ogenjenovic looks really harmonious and cheerful while playing for Moscow now. Overall I get impression the chemistry in terms of the mental aspect is great between the Moscow-players.

  • Okay, Moscow was too strong in the end and won in four sets, but Lokomotiv Kaliningrad is definitely a remarkable good team - not only because of strong Cuban opposite Ana Cleger (it is funny to read her name in Kyrillian letters on her shirt by the way :) ).

  • Kazan showed another poor performance. Confidence seems to be low. Then again they play with very young OH's (either Kotikova or Kadochkina are always on court) and Bavykina is also not that good. Pasynkova was not used, not sure if she is fit already. The comebacks of Frolova and Kryuchkova helped Enisey a lot. They played much better than in recent games.

    The comeback of Kutyukova helped Kaliningrad a lot (why did she not play in the first set?). This is not really a surprise since she was the best receiver last season and the back-up OH's (Safonova and Shevchuk) are not really reliable. Moscow's starting six are playing well and they have too, because the substitutes are far from that level (except Babeshina and Lyubushkina; Krotkova is injured). They shouldn't have too many problems in the final.

    I would expect Kaliningrad to win against Kazan. They will give their best in front of the home crowd. It will be interesting who is going to play for Kazan and if they show a reaction...

  • Kazan defeated Lokomotiv Kaliningrad in the match for third place in the Russian Cup with 3-2.

    Best scorer for Kazan was the 15-year old Kadochkina with 20 pts, with Malygina (18 pts) and Kotikova (16 pts) not far behind, while Cleger (31 pts) and Voronkova (23 pts) scored the most for the hosts.