CEV Cup 2019

  • congrats to Alba Blaj..they did it again against Galatasaray lol..i wish them good luck during the semis

    particularly golden set result is very disappointing : 15-5 ..they could/should have resisted better than that

    maybe they didnt expect to lose 3-0 and this affected the whole team badly

    according to the stats..only Hande played well enough..i think one of the reasons is that Gala's MBs contribution wasnt as good as in the other matches. also, its interesting that Hande's reception is better than Leys and Leys made 6 errors .i would expect the reverse (more reception mistakes by Hande instead of Leys)

    Meryem didnt play well either..Meryem's game has played a role in Gala's deadlock offensively both in this match and generally

    seems only Hande was ready to play mentally and physically and the rest of the team wasnt

    i agree with those who say that Ataman should be fired

  • Too bad for GS. I agree that Ataman should be fired but I am sure GS will wait until the season is over. It will be hard for them to convince a good coach to take such a team in almost the end of season. My first preference as new coach would be Jamie Morrison. He did not coach a club team yet, he can do good with small budgets, most importantly he is young, ambitious and hungry for success. I don't want someone like Ferhat Akbas or another bad local coach or an Italian who is coming to Turkey for a better retirement with zero ambitions.

    This match once again showed that GS will not win anything, having Cagla & Meryem duo on the court. The only system GS can win something this season is when Leys-Cansu-Hande trio plays in wings and Nursevil sets. Her set quality is surely worse than Cagla's but at least she is smarter, uses middles more effectively, moreover makes a good impact in blocking and from the serve line. Cagla & Meryem can come in with double substitutions time to time but their attendance on court should not go further than this. Cagla's creativity as a setter is limited and it will not be enough when she plays a full match on the court.

  • When Busto Arsizio can avoid a non-performance like we have seen in A1 in Firenze at last, they are now even more clear-cut favourites for this competition.

    If Firenza plays CEV CUP they would fight for title, so I’m not afraid for Busto. They are both very good teams.

    I’m sorry that We couldn’t watch Italian-Turkish match...

  • Busto is one step to go in Final of CEV CUP after 3:0 win, and they will probably face Alba Blaj in final. :)

  • Because there was no surprise yesterday nobody commented yet the outcome of the return matches, the both favourites won again in three sets: Busto Arsizio at home against Swietelsky Bekescsaba from Hungary and the Romanian duel was equally one-sided, Alba Blaj (first in Romania) closed it in three sets too against Stiinta Bacau (fourth in Romania).

    The finals will be played at first in Romania, the return match with eventual Golden Set in Busto Arsizio. The latter are the favourites, even Stuttgart could eliminate (despite it was not easy) Alba Blaj in CL qualification, which is the reason, why they are playing here now.

  • StefanS Thank you for keeping this page updated. I think the final will be very compelling. I think the Romanian team actually continues to be quite underrated. They have several very good players and I think the final with Busto Arsizio could be quite good.

    StefanS, you have mentioned several times the victory of Stuttgart over Alba Blaj. It was indeed a great victory for Stuttgart, who has proven to be a very good team. I think it is important to notice that Alba Blaj was without their best/most important player Sonja Newcombe for both games against Stuttgart, as she was injured. The team is much more stable with her on the court.

    I am not trying to take away anything from Stuttgart's win or their great season, but I think Alba Blaj is a better team and I think the CEV Cup final will be quite interesting. I hope!:win:

  • Without any doubt Alba Blaj is a good team, they also defeated main rivals and current title holders CSM Bukarest so far in Romanian league, which is one of the seven best leagues in Europe. Indeed, Newcombe was not on court even in qualification return match in Stuttgart and Alba Blaj managed to kick out Galatasaray in the quarters we know. But I think, that Busto Arsizio has more overall quality and consistency than Alba Blaj. We will see the outcome; for sure this will be one of the more demanding opponents for the Italian team in this competition.

  • Wow Busto dominated the first final match. I didn't thought they would have had such easy life in Romania. Anyway, they're only half way there. They have to complete the opera in Busto!

    Meanwhile, congrats Busto :flower:

  • So Busto is one step closer to take CEV Cup :D

  • Good fight in the first set, Blaj is leading 1:0. Meijners is in very good shape, she may be the main factor for Busto during playoffs in serie A.

  • Thank you for link.

    Busto has amazing defence, to bad that they didn’t finished 1.set. Second set will be easy one for Busto. Mejiner brang in Busto more power. She is doing very good job as OPP.

    Herbot is JUST WOW, I love this girl. Even her reception is onvery good level, but her attacking :super:

  • And second set for Buso, lets go just one more and cup is your !!!!

    Only one who I don’t like in Busto is Berti. She doesn’t belong to play in such good team as Busto.

    Italy has so many good local MB they should transfer much smarter.