CEV Cup 2019

  • Cagla's sets to Leys are as if she thinks Leys is Kosheleva. She just keeps pushing them sky high, so sad to watch. Middles of GS are already demoralized due to her set quality.

  • And Kosheleva gets blocked again, funny thing is she is contrary to that usually setting too low to Hande and Meryem :lol::aww:

    I think this was the best match Galatasaray played in a while, all players played really good and the result was an easy 3-0 vs the Romanian nr1. I hope they keep this level up!

    Meryem and Hande scored well, the reception was not an utter mess at all times like usually and the sets were better then usual though still not always great lol defensive efforts I also liked and the blocking

  • Meryem is doing better in the last two matches..her percentage is not high, yet her contribution is important for Gala

    Aslı has 4 blocks and seems Hande's reception was not bad during this match

    Gala could always push for first tempo with Jackson.unfortunately the setters are not that kind liking first tempo

    If Setters can play smart next week Gala can pass Blaj..also many things will depend on the quality of reception and serve

    lets see what Ataman's team will do in the return match..that will be a different match than this for sure

    seems to me reception and Gala's setter's game quality will decide how far Gala will go

  • thanks for the answer..i agree with you. what about Blaj's serve ?

    if im not mistaken Galatasaray has played two finals at this cup against Yamamay and lost both of them..if they can pass Alba Blaj then can face Yamamay third time lol

    edit : or one of the meets of Gala-Yama was in CEV CL ? :/

    i think they met in final of Cev Cup once and other one was in CL for 3rd place match. Galatasaray was the host.

  • Not bad, this shows also, that Stuttgart won by quality the final qualification round in CL against Alba Blaj, which is now in the semis of the CEV Cup and secured a medal, with pretty good chances to go to the finals.

  • And Alba Blaj is now kind of nightmare for Gala - last season they were kicked of by them in the semis of the CL Final Four (with a totally different roster by the way).

  • I watched the stats and Meryem Boz had a bad match again (esp. in set 3) but also somehow Alba Blaj managed to completely shut down the Gs middles who are known to be very active. I'm guessing this left the setters with barely any options and Gs choked big time.

    None in Alba Blaj according to the stats played a special game except MB Ninkovic. However stopping the GS middles was a smart tactic knowing they are esp a team that uses MBs a lot.

    Btw middle Cursty Jackson looked quite sad in the match and I saw she posted sad things on her instagram story as well pre-match also about break-ups etc. This might have affected her perf. as well. She was in a relationship with a French volleyball player if I recall correctly?

  • What a failure from GS 😱 of course Alba is not a very weak team but not a team that could eliminate GS with this roster. After the failure of last year's CL, I think they should already fire Ataman, it is clear that he is not capable to lead a top team

  • Big flop for Gala... :down:

    They really need to find new coach...

  • To be fair to Ataman he has had some good results as well. OK the CL semi-final was a disaster but remember they beat Novara in the previous round when I expected them to lose.

    And the season before of course they beat Vakif in the TL semis which nobody expected I think.

    But yeah, unless they really improve before the end of the season then maybe he should leave. It’s understandable that Gala lose to the big 3 in Turkey but this was a real chance to win a trophy and it’s quite a big failure to lose 3-0 and 15-5 in the golden set.