Montreux Volley Masters 2018

  • Brazil took the 2nd time out.

    No, it was Poland actually... Nawrocki told the girls after the first time-out „Don‘t worry, I‘ll take the 2nd time-out just after you will be back on court. We need to take a risk.“ Pretty funny tbh.

  • Poland won it, can't believe it :cheesy: I'm so happy about it, looking forward to game vs. Russia:box:

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  • Poland won it, can't believe it :cheesy: I'm so happy about it, looking forward to game vs. Russia:box:

    should poland win in the game, they will be no. 1 in pool. If russia will win poland must win cameroon. I bet brazil will be second in pool b

  • i watched most of BRA x RUS. i thought parubets played well, also fetisova. for BRA, rosa really is catching fire, which is a good sign, and drussyla did well coming off the bench.

    i only watched first set of RUS x CMR. from scores in rio (which i have not watched), CMR gave RUS a huge headache, but not here... their reception is horrible and nothing can come out... all RUS had to do was serve tough and CMR were back against the wall.

    also only watched first set of ITA x CHN. well, CHN is here with only one starter in A team (gong, not counting libero), so it's no surprise they are not going to do well. duan seems promising.

    what is barbolini doing in the hall? where is he working now? i never thought he was very good when he was head coach of ITA or TUR...

  • my connection froze at 11-13 then couldnt watch the rest

    congrats to Polish girls!

    is this first time they beat Brazil or ?

    Last time polish NT beat Brazil in 1970 :)

  • Last time polish NT beat Brazil in 1970 :)

    48 years ,wow!..they showed they deserve to be at the Wch in japan..its a pity they cant be there !

    now im guessing Russia will need a 3-point win over Poland.its not that easy,..i think Brazil and Poland will be at the semis..

    in pool 2...if Turkey wins today..then Turkey and Italy to the semis..

  • a match btw Switzerland vs Cameroon could have been interesting which is not possible !

    btw...Turkey and Italy have faced each other 4 times so far in some friendlies (if im not mistaken)..these two teams are in the same pool at the WCH in not sure if it was a good idea to face one of the toughest opponents in the pool before the major tournament..China is also in the same pool but they are not in montreux with thier best lineup..also first time they are going to play in a friendly with its direct opponents in Japan this season