Montreux Volley Masters 2018

  • Old school Russia... We meet again??

    (I hope so :D)

    Russia and Poland are now both playing old school, slow high balls Russia thirves on this kind of game

  • Poland blew a 5 point lead in the middle part of Set 2, but the Russians barely able to edge the Poles in the end of the set. Kakolewska is a blocking machine!

  • Fetisova is having trouble with her serve, she normally is a reliable server.. Smarzek is such a smart player, she knows when to tip and hit those power balls

  • Russia won 3-0! Good thing Pankov didn't sabotage his team by unnecessary using the double with Malygina and the latter only came in as a blocking sub :wavy:

  • honestly i didnt expect a 3-0 win by Russia...congrats to them..they played well..Goncharova has been improving

    i felt sad for the Polish girls..they were so close to the semis but they couldnt show their game in this match against they expect Cameroon to win against Brazil which doesnt seem possible

    btw...i liked Ebrar's serves in the match agianst the Swiss team..she had 6 aces..she made 22 points totally..Şeyma Ercan played a good match.. the rest of the team did well too

  • i liked the Swiss and Cameroonian teams..especially Cameroon could be a much better team under guidance of a real good coach ..

    btw..i forgot the classification matches...China vs Poland and Switzerland vs Cameroon will be nice

    semis :

    Bra vs Ita

    Tur vs Rus

  • Guidetti taking a OH out to bring that 3rd libero is so stupid because her reception is actually worst than Hande/Meliha/Seyma....she always get aced and have some terrible passes...Hande is still young and she must be on the court and learn how to pass...if she gets taken out like they do with her in club...well she will be just Polen 2.0.

    hande baladin will play in 6 players in Galatasaray. about aylin, i really think that she play good but the problem in turkey isn't in reception. Giovanni are with 13 players. will back more 1 wing-spiker. he will play with 3 MB ( gunes, arici and erdem)

  • Yes, the first time in this competition the hosts will have a chance to win, because Cameroon is the typical feeble African NT.

  • China took fifth place by defeating Poland in four sets, the first two were very close.

    Indeed these two teams were quite levelled, tied up from point to point, except the 3rd set CHN had some lapse.

    “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”

  • Italy is missing attacking MB as Folie. They look very good in second set. Sylla reception is not that bad at all in second set.(I started to watch game in 2. set)

    And she know made mistake. Lol

  • Did Switzerland really just lose that tie-break 15-1? Geez.

    Yes, they did obviously they stopped to play in tie-break for whatever reason. Both live tickers I use and especially the original tournament site state 15:1 as result :wall:.

  • Brasil just can't stop Egonu. She is attacking, blocking and serving like beast. :super:

    Tie break.

  • Yeah, Egonu is killing it everywhere

  • Italy should win this for their confidence's sake. They've been underperforming since Mazzanti took the slow approach for the NT season. With the strength of their current team, they should be already winning something even friendly tournaments.

    I just hate to see them collapse in the world championship after a promising 2017 runner up finish. To lose against a B-team Brazil in Montreux is just simply unacceptable at this point.

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