Montreux Volley Masters 2018

  • Meryem Boz hit maybe 72% pipe attacks :white: And that hit of Goncharova on the ceiling from Eda's face :lol:

    Congrats Russia, they were solid throughout the match and deserved to win.

    Seyma Ercan fails to impress me lately, she is not that good at reception and is not really existant attack wise. Meliha is much better then her, maybe Turkey could have gotten the set if started with Meliha but in general reception was bad today. It seems whenever Turkey changes their core 6 + the usual back ups to something else, it ends into complete chaos. Need to work on that.

  • Wow Krotkova have very good reception. Bravo Russia

    We will watch Russia vs Italy :)

  • Deserved win for Russia, they were more stable and Goncharova is definitely improving. Looks like for a moment she was scared that she might have concussed Eda and it was hilarious how the ball got stuck in the ceiling :rolll:

    As I said before, Krotkova was a pleasant surprise today, Parubets did her job and Russia's liberos have also improved compared to earlier tournaments, though they're still not great. Simge is on a totally different level.

  • Did Switzerland really just lose that tie-break 15-1? Geez.

    I was wondering the same thing! Switzerlands errors didn't help them with Cameroons outstanding block waiting. I like the fun dance the Cameroon players do after a point.

    5th set starts at 39:17

  • Poor Eda! Goncharova hit hard that ball on her head (non on purpose of course).

    And the ball bounced off her head and stuck in the ceiling!

  • Seyma Ercan fails to impress me lately, she is not that good at reception

    She did seem like a weak link today. But some of that was Russia serving well, I think.

  • Wow I just watched the end of set 4 and all of set 5 with that Cameroon match there. Lol, love how they completely silenced the crowd there at like 12-1 :rolll::rolll: Cameroon's energy, their celebrations and all I completely adore them :heart:. If only they had better resources, coach etc...

  • i was watching BRA x RUS the other day and the graphic showed gabi hitting 100%, but she had just been blocked twice, so i knew the stats were suspect.

    i have not watched a lot of montreux matches, but CMR has good players, as i mentioned, they gave RUS a scare in rio apparently... they really need more support, better coaching etc. like most african teams. their passing in particular is terrible. i remember tchoudjang-nana (OPP/OH) and fotso (MB) were their best players. and their libero is only 15 y.o.!!!!!

  • Krotkova was the revelation for me in this RUS vs TUR game. It's a pleasant competition between her and Voronkova. I'm happy seeing Russia banking on OH with good reception skills. I like Kosheleva, but I may say I'm happy with the three OH that Pankov's been using, adding Scherban to the mix would make it better imo.

    Goncharova though, you know the shaky start was just her getting her groove back, and man when she's on fire, everything works! An Egonu vs Goncharova showdown is one to watch!

  • It doesn't explain the magnitude of the late swiss breakdown, but it was written that Laura Künzler (their most important player) had to leave the court with pain in the ellbow (get well soon!). And without Laura Unternährer in the team (who apparently is focusing on club volleyball), there's nobody (yet) who could play that role like her, i guess.

  • Congrats to Russian girsl..they played better and they played with right attitude..they served well and blocked well.Turkey did not do enough to deserve to win the match

    Turkey started very shaky thanks to reception..that case haunted back in third set too..

    especially Turkish OHs contribution was not on a desired level..Meliha and Hande had a bad match at the both sides of the game : passing and attacking..this generally decided the result..

    Setter Cansu was interestingly far from her usual game..her sets were close to the net and low and therefore the attackers had to tip those sets many times..

    Both teams OPPs played a good match..Both of the Russian OHs played with 13 points while Turkish OHs : 6

    Rusian passing was better and Startseva did a good job at setting

    Now i hope they can play with a better attitude against Brazil bcz they are ready to take the revenge of VNL semis

    in fine, this is a friendly tournament and you should realize your weak points and improve on those parts before the WCH

    Congrats To Italian wasnt an easy match both they managed to win it..I liked Egonu's serves..Italy was much better at blocking.Sylla's performance was decisive..Brazilian OHs were not good enough.

  • Any links for BRA-TUR match?

  • Any stream for RUS x ITA?

  • Wow Italy has very good block, they are doing triple block + block-defence is looking very good too. They are playing like they did in VNL.

    And Kroklova is injured. To bad :/ And Bosetti cryed because of her. So sweet <3

  • Oh, Krotkova;(

    Now Russia strongly needs Yana Shcherban.