• Well, I know our politics did really bad towards Ukraine and that's why Ukrainian people have negative impacts towards Russian people nowadays. Anyway, it is politics which you cant change it or you are unable to change it. I myself can say that Ukrainian and Belorussian people dont cosider as foreigner ones, if we take a look we can say even we have more players from these countries like Tanya Kosheleva, Obmochaeva, Somoilenko, Fateeva and legend coach Karpol etc... We never thought people from Ukraine or Belorussia as foreigner ones, I myself can say Ukrainian and Belorussian people are the same with Russian. It is really sad to say that our politics makes them run away from us. I do know Ukrainian and Belorussian people love us too and they also do know it's politics it's not true color of Russian people towards Ukraine. We have lots of friends or people who have Ukrainian or Belorussian origin, which we call all of them as Russian ones. I wanna share some links which really touched me when I really had watched it. It's about people take a poster and stand up in the street of Russia. In this poster they wrote " I'm Ukrainian from Ukraine and let's hug" and it's really honorable Russian people hug Ukrainian ones like showing their big love towards Ukraine. Another video is about Russian ones stood up in the street of Ukraine and stay with the poster which they wrote " I'm Russian from Russia and let's hug" and it's really good to see some Ukrainian people still love Russian and dont blame them because of their awfu politics.
    I'd like our people do the same things in Poland too because we really have bad memories in past and every year I spend my vacation in Poland because of my father side I have a bond there and some old friends and relatives. When I was in poland, it seemed they also had negative impacts towards Russia and Russian people because of the past pf these countries. Especially, old people dont want to communicate with Russian with big enthusiasm. I really dont know they really take it as politics or something like they think Russian people are also like their politics, they really have a fear towards Russia and Russian people. They surely dont see Russians as their best friends although I do have best friends from Poland. I think it's better they also understand people from Russia are also victim of these bad memories. We are not enemies anyway, it's really good to say young Polish people dont have negative impacts towards Russian people, it is really good they are also aware it's politics not true color of people from Russia.