2019 Challenge Cup

  • Desislava Nikolova is just too bad, can't believe he picks her over Fulden Ural

  • Monza wins 0-3 in Turkey definitely set 2 8-0 10-1 to big choke was crucial. Aydin can't receive (as we knew) and Nikolova is pretty useless.

    I like Orthmann and Adams in Monza. Ortolani is worse than Aydin's Opp:lol:

  • Streams someone ??

    Lets go Monza take second CEV :cup: for Italy !!

  • Brava Monza :cup:

    2/3 for Italian teams in CEV competition, I hope for the biggest one, CL.

  • Congrats Monza, I missed this match sadly :(

    I hope Aydin can raise their budget next season, despite everything I believe they have potential to do better than the flop they had this season... Challenge Cup Finale is already good for them though.