Marta Menegatti

  • Can someone tell me what happened to her? I can barely find any games she plays on the internet nowadays, and she has changed like a million partners since Greta. I know there was a scandal with Italian federation who wanted her to play with another partner not Greta. Then Orsi-Toth got accused of doping... and I'm lost there.. Can anyone help me? I really liked her, and she has been a very, very good prospect

  • Viki Orsi Toth's two-year doping suspension ends soon (in 3(?) weeks) as far as i know. I think, it was written somewhere that Menegatti will team up with her again. In fact they're already listed as a pair in preliminary entry lists of several tournaments taking place after that date. Remains to be seen if they really show up and are ready to compete and on which level. No idea if this is indeed the best solution or if there are upcoming italian girls who would be a better match. Italian users might know more.

  • Now they are back together and they won the two stars tournament in Agadir! I thought too that Marta was a great prospect, but these last two years have been basically wasted. She was with Perry last year, but it didn't work, nor with Giombini in this first part of the seaso. I hope they can come back, it would be important also for the whole sport in Italy.