2018 Pan American Cup

  • and USA won eventually, as I see Carlini got MVP and best setter

    ossubtus, I thought that Brazil may show something, but they were horrible, no matter it is B or C team with addition of Dani Lins and Thaisa...

    maybe Canada didn't show anything special, but they probably improved under Abbondanza :thumbup: maybe Domincans just had worse day then, but yesterday it was a collapse, especially in TB

    I hope Ogbogu will become a bright spot in Chemik next season :roll:

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • US takes 3rd set...

    hmmm... doesn't US have better liberos than benson? she seems too inexperienced to be playing at this level...

    are these just former collegians? they look quite young.

    They are all newly graduates of at least not more than 2 years (for some).

    Ogbogu and Washington were the bright spots. Carlini still had some head scratching moments but when the coach told her to set the ball higher in the third set that’s when they started winning.

    DR is just a mess. Losing to a newly formed and inexperienced team tells something about their mental strength.

  • thanks, xo, i did find them after i asked... too bad the quality of the videos are so bad... also the glare on the gymnasium floor is so strong, it's hard to watch (i can barely see the ball). and the commentary is horrendous... :-(

    i watched a little bit of CAN x BRA... BRa truly played badly.

    also watched CAN x PUR in the challenger cup. alexa gray is very impressive in the CAN team.

  • you guys know more about the US collegians than me, but from what i saw, i thought ogbogu was very good, and when washington got a proper set, she could really jump high and attack the slide -- she reminded me of foluke!

    also, anae, rivers (sub OPP), lee, whitney and wilhite played really well too.

  • so guys, how are last 2 teams be determined for pan am games?

    Argentina has got the nod from CSV to be at the games.

    The Panthers, to the Pan-American Games: the CSV confirmed the place for Lima 2019

    The South American Volleyball Confederation informed the Argentine Volleyball Federation that the Women's National Team is qualified for the next Pan American Games to be held in Lima in 2019.

    The Panthers finished in the ninth position in the Pan American Cup that was recently played in the Dominican Republic. However, despite the fact that this tournament granted five places and as it had been consigned, Argentina could have its place also for this competition after the fifth place in Colombia.

    In the last hours, the CSV confirmed this determination to the FeVA so the Panthers will be present again in this continental competition just like they did in Toronto 2015.