2020 Olympic Games - qualification

  • So far Ercan &Hande Duo works just fine but still doubt this will be enough to beat china

  • I love Germany's fighting spirit, they never give up. But they lack everything else you need in order to win!

    Only when the best German roster is available and all players are in good shape they can threat Turkey - and Orthmann not capable of playing is one major drawback of course, more then Lenka Dürr, who finished NT career already before this tournament.

  • Germany now already close of going out of race to Olympics (but they will have another small chance in European qualifer), no surprise at all.

  • Drewniok is doing a much better job than Lippmann today, Louisa went full on power and made lots of errors. I really like Drewniok's ball placement though

  • Well fought from Germany, despite there being a lot of errors this was really a good match overall.

    Against China Turkey will indeed need to be much better.

  • I think Lippmann is tired from playing way too many matches as main attacker at last. But anyway, it was clear, that the overall quality of Turkey is considerably higher than of Germany, so the four set win is kind of logical consequence.

    For Germany the tragedy continues: it's long ago, that they could qualify for Olympics, and now effectively out of contention in this world qualifier they will face a more than hard time in the remaining European qualifier, which is by far the hardest of all continental qualifiers. And there will be likely at least Netherlands or Italy and likely Turkey again in contention, so German teams chances are rather dim.

    Even Asian qualifier is much more easy, not to mention the other three, which are near or real jokes.

  • Seyma is not good enough to cover Hande, Hande tried to receive more and it caused chaos in the passing formation.

    Zehra's attack efficiency is important but her blocking is a big liability. I would start with Kubra against China.

    Setting to pins was very inconsistent.

    It seems that China will sweep Turkey.

  • kim scored 37 points against canadians... Even though there was not much time for korea to cooperate with setters, but it's way too far....

    Opposite kim heejin scored only 6 with 24%(5/17)

  • Netherlands didn't play good, but they took the first set. Dijkema with 0 connection with the hitters. When Bongaerts came in the match turned around and they got ahead of Belgium. Also Daalderop made 3 points in the short time she came on court.