2020 Olympic Games - qualification

  • actually ocasio started the match as passing OH ( she’s usually OPP but now prieto is the starting OPP for PUR) but she took an elbow to the face from reyes and had to leave the game (2nd or 3rd set) and was subbed by cruz.

  • The gold medal match is so early here from where I am. Damn got to sleep now.

  • DR beats USA 3-2. DR had a 2-0 lead, before the USA comes back to take it a fifth set. 15-9 for the DR after they jumped out to an early lead, which the USA could not catch up to.

    DR look like favorites for NORCECA berth in Tokyo.

  • Was it DOM that played excellently or the USA that played badly on that day that DOM could beat the USA unexpectedly (in a NT A vs NT A scenario)? :whistle:

    Hopefully a high resolution TV broadcast quality full replay will be made available so can watch it later on.

    DOM shall not escape from Tokyo 2020 now... I guess its women's volleyball team is really the pride of that small island nation :thumbup:

    EDIT: David-101 in NORCECA thread already posted the replay link.

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  • DOM shall not escape from Tokyo 2020 now... I guess its women's volleyball team is really the pride of that small island nation :thumbup:

    I guess you don’t know that baseball is the number one sport in the country. In order for baseball players from the DR (an island country) to make to Major League Baseball, they have a phrase, “you can’t walk off the island.” Meaning they have to swing the bat aggressively to hit the ball to become successful.

  • Schedule for European olympic qualification tournament in January is announced (see link below).

    Poule A:
    The Netherlands

    Poule B:



  • It seems Turkey will play their strongest opponent in the group on the first match and will play Belgium before the day of the semi final. If they play the semifinal, they will be tired from the last game but it is understandable as the Netherlands sees them as their biggest rival in this tournament. Any team would have done that.

  • Hey after long break :wavy:

    Turkey and Netherlands seem to be favourites to play in final, however IMHO pool B looks harder.

    I don't underestimate anyone, but I think that Germany will play with Netherlands and Poland with Turkey in SF and after that probably Turkey may get ticket.

    I agree with point that Turkish players may be tired after group stages what can be a chance to potential opponent from Pool A.

    Some teams will have longer breaks, some shorter., some when advance may get even 5 days playing in a row - I mean Croatia and Belgium.

    We'll see in 2 months how will it end up:teach:

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  • Rooting for Poland and Sokor!

  • Regarding 2020 Tokyo OG qualification for Asia and the Pacifics, the Pools and the detailed schedule has been annouced

    Pool A: Thailand (Organisor), Chinese Taipei, Australia, Hong Kong China

    Pool B: Korea, Kazakhstan, Iran, Indonesia

    Schedules (Place: Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand)

    January 7:


    January 8:


    January 9:


    Kick-offs (January 11):

    B1 x A2, A1 x B2

    Vacancy awarding (January 12):

    3rd place, 1st palce

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  • Why in the world is there a 3rd/4th playoff...

  • Same!

    Poland will need Stysiak and Malwina at the same time. One of these girls should learn to receive.

    I think Poland is a bit unlucky because they will match up with other either Germany or Turkey who have been good server teams. Stysiak as OH, especially moving from Molten ball to Mikasa might be a nightmare for Polish receiving line.

  • Dutch players are not having a good season. But when u look at Turkish, they are not far behind.

    Hande and Seyma are on the bench.

    Meliha is not delivering, Ebrar and Cansu r not full time starters.

    Kubra is injured.

    Only Naz, Eda, Boz have been playing well. And it might all come down to their performance.

    Sloetjes is not the same. But if she plays her best, she could easily win a match on her own.

    Polish Players on the other hand are playing really well. This could be their time to shine.

    Vasileva is playing like a superstar. I'm not sure she could win the whole thing, but she could certainly hurt a team with a loss. If Rabadzhieva plays I wouldn't count them out either. Germany could do the same.

  • I think Turkey will include some surprise new players like Tugba this season. Ebrar has been a starter mostly actually, can't say the same about Meliha whose also not playing well indeed. Seyma is having some playing time but I expect Tugba and/or Derya taking her spot anyways. Zehra looks to be on weights imo and Naz, Eda and Boz seem ready for OGQ. I'm optimistic about the team and I hope Gio will take some surprises with him. Everyone knows I like Cansu but there is also Buse Unal (imo underrated) and Ezgi Dilik still, and Cansu is not even bad when she plays which has been equal with Maja so far. I don't expect too many big changes but 2-3 new players could come.

    Poland also definitely looks good I agree about that!

  • Dont forget that Neriman can be an option too. She had a statement on instagram that she is ready to play for NT when she is called.

    The Final 8 in Japan is Jan 11-26. Isn't that when the OGQs are? There's no way Neriman has an option to leave Japan at that time, although I would welcome it wholeheartedly. I'd be much happier with Neriman helping Turkey (damnit, I've never seen her play for Turkey) than with helping Toyota finish third instead of 5th or 6th :)