2020 Olympic Games - qualification

  • According to Serbian daily newspaper Sportski Žurnal (and they're usually very informed when it comes to things like this), the qualifying process for the Tokyo Games will be completely overhauled and much simplified.
    World Cup is gone and instead we'll have World Qualifications mid-next year. The top 24 teams from the World rankings on January 1, 2019 will be divided into 6 groups of 4 teams using the serpentine system. The winners will qualify automatically for the Olympics. The remaining teams will have to qualify via their respective continental qualifications, with one team per continent quota like previously. European qualifications should be held in January 2020.

    This sounds way too simple for FIVB and their love for impossibly drawn out and convoluted tournaments. :S I'm not sure how I feel about it.

  • Interesting... I just don`t know how I feel about this yet.

    From what I heard this qualification tournament will be in January and not mid-year because they will play VNL probably starting in May again. Also I heard the World Cup will still be played but of course it won`t be used as OG qualification. Japan basically "owns" the World Cup so they will make it happen anyways...and I guess it will be just a friendly tournament....

  • I wish they would organize continental championships and once the continental berths was gone, the remaining countries could fight for the other spots. Now Brasil will probably get a spot via world qualification which will give a free spot to other South American countries :down: Same with USA and CHN.

    Depending on draw, there could be 7 European teams in OG in theory at least :super: