2020 Olympic Games - qualification

  • The IOWB-bop-a-loo-la just announced China is banned from 2020 Olympics. Who should take their place?

  • The IOWB-bop-a-loo-la just announced China is banned from 2020 Olympics. Who should take their place?


  • Whoever was saying there is plenty of time before the Olympic Qualifiers is crazy. 1 month to rearrange things appears easy, but a decision prior to the qualifiers by FIVB at this point will throw things into some chaos with Asian and European qualifying tournaments.

    I am not saying whether S. Korea gets in or some other European team gets in at this point. There are rules that IOC & FIVB agreed to before all the World Qualifiers started.

    Just remember Russia (in all sports) could have been thrown out at Rio, but the IOC made the call to say “no”. Still things continued after the fact. In Pyongchang, they competed under the OAR name. For the IOC to completely remove Russia (in all sports)from the games would be massive for the IOC and even Putin’s credibility possibly.

  • Russia qualified via the INTERCONTINENTAL OQT whose rules say that the winner of the tournament gets an OG spot. Since Russia is on the brink of being banned, their slot should be given to the next placer of their pool which was set out by FIVB themselves.

    Simple as that.

    To me it's simple as fact the rule is the winner of InterContinental Qualifier is given a ticket to Olympic Games.

    NO Rules said if the winner is disqualified, the ticket shall goes to second position. This is not the rule, you are extending the rule by yourself.

    I think FIVB shall host another InterContinental Qualifier for the ticket if Russia truly banned from WADA.

  • now privilege talks started :lol: I bet that's the reason people here are annoyed af thinking something like: "These rich Europeans with perfect lifes complaining they don't get all the Olympic spots ugh, only reason they do well anyway is because they're so rich and everything over there is so accessible and easy.'

    Living in (South)Eastern Europe being a privilige! Since when sis? :cheesy::rolll: We wish. Koreans and Japanese f.e. would definitely be more priviliged by very long long miles lmao

  • if the winner is disqualified, the ticket shall goes to second position.

    Ithink that is the edge of been second in the pool.

    People are mixing things here. Just pretending/assuming some conflict with european people. :hit:

    This is just a common sense that people who are not directly involved (European) see much better IMO.

    Not going to talk about this subject anymore.

  • Finlad would fight for top 3 places in Asia and Latin America:lol::lol:

  • We all know Who is fighting for diversity and bla bla

    Weaker teams, ofc, because their is no way they would get tickets in FAIR tournaments.

    Ofc. fans from China, Brazil and USA are not fighting for this because they would got tickets in FAIR battle.

  • What was not fair in this event?

  • What was not fair in this event?

    Putting strong European teams in the same pools, and weaker ones with others, or having Tur with CHN with Turkey and both of this NT are one of the strongest in the World.

    And even Bulgaria and Aze almost made upsets.

  • please, serpetine system FIVB ranking.

  • Why are you lot arguing over a clickbait article?

    Literally none of the mainstream sport media reported this load of bollocks, yet somehow it turned into a race debate here :sos:

    Having said that, if it were to happen, obviously FIVB would call it "wild card slot" and give it to the federation who will pay the most money.

  • and let's also talk about this false narrative about 'diversity'. who is advocating for diversity? nobody. fivb rules are that each confederation is given one spot at the olympics -- it's about REPRESENTATION, not diversity. so there's one each from N. america, S. america, europe, asia and africa. all the people here that keep complaining about why is there an african team in the olympics miss the point. all 5 confederations are represented at the OG, that's it.

    if RUS is banned, why should their spot go to europe? europe is already represented at the OG (ITA and SRB, + winner of euro Q).

    i already said, if RUS is banned, i think they should have a world Q tournament, and the winner would probably be an european country. i don't have a problem with that, what i'm against is this assumption that it should automatically be an euro Q to replace RUS.

    anyhow, i doubt thomas bach will allow RUS to be banned, period.

  • Ossubtus claimed, earlier in the thread, "honestly, this whole discussion about european victimhood is pathetic". I believe I would not be wrong in thinking that many of you are thinking something along the same lines (you, Padar, Sydney etc.), yes? And that's okay. I quite understand your frustration, and can see how you arrived at that feeling of exasperation. But the fact is that feelings of resentment, building for years, from many European volleyball lovers exist (for many reasons that are beyond the point of this discussion). Is that feeling justified? Is it not all being oversensitive? It does not matter. The only thing that matters is that it exists.

    i sympathize with some of what you say. if you have read what i said elsewhere in these forums, you'd know that i think fivb mucks up the whole system of OQ. i think what they did in rio was criminal, and even worse on the men's side (4 teams from norceca????). but automatically giving RUS's spot to europe, like they own it, is pathetic, and the wrong solution, as i have already explained.

  • yes, cretin, just like in london...

    Hello 2012, 2019 is calling :aww:

    Korean NT without KYK is dead as Croatian without Barbara Jelic.

  • Hello 2012, 2019 is calling :aww:

    Korean NT without KYK is dead as Croatian without Barbara Jelic.

    KYK left the NT? I didn't know that!! :white: