2020 Olympic Games - qualification

  • I think they are in another level too. But we were talking about South korea, thailand vs germany, bulgaria, azerbajian before, and that was called a second tier european teams.

    I think european team level could be divided into

    Serbia Italy

    Russia Turkey Netherlands Poland

    Germany Bulgaria Azerbajian Belgium

    i agree with this division, so according to this, I believe THA-KOR are not better than second tier teams although they can beat them once in every 5 years but they're on the same level with third tier European teams. I hope this would make the discussion more clear

  • I think korea's standing would be somewhere between turkey-netherlands or netherlands- poland.

    And thailand's standing would be between poland-germany or germany-bulgaria.

    I agree that two asian teams has lower chance to winning against matches with 2nd group(7:3, varying from which nations to compete),and higher chances of winning against matches with 3rd group. (3:7, varying from which nations to compete)

    But I mentioned before, I was originally saying that 2 asian teams were better than this group 3, which was called the 2nd tier european teams in our previous discussion.

    Also I agree that european teams get disadvataged from this OQ system, but please don't go so far like euros will get all the tickets if OQ were to be held worldwide. If we do that, I think 5(or maybe 6) tickets will go to europe except for host nation.

  • Korean NT's entry is released.

    OH Kim yeonkoung Lee jaeyeong Kang sowhi Pyo seungju

    Opp Kim heejin Park jeongah

    MB Yang hyojin Kim suji Han songyi Lee juah

    S Lee dayeong Yeun hyesun

    Li Oh jiyoung Kim haeran

    Little surpsise that Han songyi came back to NT after 2014. She was OH before but now as a MB.

    Lee juah is a surprise too, she has not been performing that well in league or NT.

    Lee soyeong is injured so she is out.

    Korean NT decided to start their training from 16th december which is one week earlier than expected. Thailand NT has been preparing for OQ since October and that makes Korean NT start training earlier than expected.

    Lavarini will be joining team in 28th of december because of the schedule of Italian league.

  • Han Songyi? Wasn't she the one who help KYK through their amazing Olympic run in London?

  • Han Songyi? Wasn't she the one who help KYK through their amazing Olympic run in London?

    Right. She helped Kim yeonkoung a lot in London Olympics and made it into semifinals.

    She changed her position to MB a few years ago, and she works good very good this season, and that's why Lavarini called her as MB.

  • I always like her calm presence on court. What happened that made her switch to MB?

    As she gets older, I remember in 2014-15 her team's coach made her play as MB. She was quote not good for several years, and was not in the starting line up. However in this year she plays really good, and that's why lavarini chose her.

  • Well, shit. This opens up all kinds of can of worms.

    In any case, I think it is clear that FIVB cannot possibly reach a decision on how to choose the replacement before the continental qualifications (unless it goes openly to the highest bidder, which I doubt even FIVB will be shameless enough to do, but they can still do it behind closed doors, and think up some bullshit excuse afterward) .

  • Wow... then how long does it take to make it into the final decision??

    "The ordinary procedure lasts between 6 and 12 months.

    For the appeals procedure, an award must be pronounced within three months after the transfer of the file to the Panel.

    In urgent cases and upon request, the CAS may, within a very short time, order interim measures or suspend the execution of a decision appealed against.­"

    Guess this falls into urgent cases category :)

  • Russia hockey team participated in 2018 Winter Olympics and won gold under the name of "Olympic Athletes from Russia". I'm sure Russian NT will find a way to participate this time as well. Otherwise it will be outrageous.


  • Is it not yet decided to ban all the players from russia, or allow individuals who is free from drugs??

    This was WADA's decision to ban Russia from next 4 years in world competitions. We still need to wait and see how IOC and FIVB to react. There's a chance that IOC or FIVB not totally accept all the decisions made by WADA, maybe IOC or FIVB will accept part of the decisions.

    To me, I think it's not fair to ban the whole countries. If WADA has strong proof that some datas were manipulated, they surely can trace back to certain players. Why they have to ban the whole countries? Not fair to others who are clean.