2020 Olympic Games - qualification

  • south american Q happening next week. the below from ARG fed. website, with the ARG roster (no sosa?) and schedule.

    La Selección Argentina Femenina realizó en la mañana de este lunes el último entrenamiento del año de cara al Preolímpico Sudamericano de Bogotá, Colombia, que se disputará del 7 al 9 de enero. El entrenador Hernán Ferraro dio a conocer la lista de 14 jugadoras que asumirán el desafío de la clasificación rumbo a Tokio 2020.

    Armadoras: Azul Benítez y Victoria Mayer

    Opuestas: Lucía Fresco y Sol Piccolo

    Centrales: Julieta Lazcano, Bianca Farriol, Candelaria Herrera, Victoria Michel Tosi

    Puntas: Yamila Nizetich, Elina Rodríguez, Daniela Bulaich, Daniela Nielson, Mariángeles Cossar

    Líbero: Tatiana Rizzo

    El equipo volverá a trabajar el próximo 2 de enero por la mañana, y atenderá a la prensa en horas del mediodía. El día 3 viajará rumbo a Bogotá para enfrentar los 3 partidos del cuadrangular clasificatorio.


    Enero 7 - 2020

    20:00 hs. Argentina vs. Perú

    22:30 hs. Venezuela vs. Colombia

    Enero 8 - 2020

    20:00 hs. Argentina vs. Venezuela

    22:30 hs. Perú vs. Colombia

    Enero 9 - 2020

    20:00 hs. Perú vs. Venezuela

    22:30 hs. Argentina vs. Colombia

  • No knockout stage and just one round robin??

  • 3rd match

    GER - NED 2-3 (25-23, 14-25, 21-25, 29-27, 17-25)

    GER: Hanke 3, Lippmann 27, Geerties 9, Orthmann 6, Schölzel 10, Weitzel 13, Pogany L; Möllers 0, Drewniok 2, Poll 2, Stigrot 0, Barber 0, Bock L.

    NED: Dijkema 2, Sloetjes 8, Buijs 9, Meijners 13, De Kruijf 13, Belien 7, Schoot L; Bongaerts 5, Plak 8, Daalderop 11, Balkestein 9, Jasper 1, Koolhaas 8, Lohuis 3, Knip L.

    Looks like Germany used the match to make the starting six play together as much as possible whereas the Dutch again rotated a lot. Orthmann only 6 pts in 5 sets worries me a lot ?(

    Judging from the line-up today and two days ago, probably Ambrosius and Vanjak will be cut from German roster, though personally I think Vanjak can be more useful than Stigrot.

  • Good that the Ducth team won all their matches. That should give them some convidence!:)

    Another good thing is that Plak is back. Although she isn't in her best form, she showed multiple times in the NT she can change the match when she comes from the bench. Sloëtjes doesn't look that convincing?( When Sloëtjes as opposite doesn't work and the reception with Meijners - Buijs is a bit shaky, I wouldn't mind seeing Balkestein-Grothues as receiving opposite. She can help out in serve receive and as a lefty, hitting from the right side could be more effective. Her stats look good BTW in the last matches. De Kruijf again proving she is the most consistent player:super:

    Looking at the stats, probably Lohuis or Jasper will get cut as expected. Lohuis not scoring a lot of points. Giving the fact that Plak played as opposite and both Daalderop and Balkestein-Grothues scored a lot of points, Jasper possible only came on court as serve substitution.

  • the 4 teams were the best finishers from the Continental Championship, which does have pool play.

    There are a handful of European teams, Thai team /Korean team that are more qualified or better than these South American teams mentioned or African team. It is a pity that the Olympics is trying to be politically correct. This does not seems fair to the country or players from a continent say Europe which has more competitive and better/ stronger teams. Does this arrangement of having at least a representative / country from each continent apply to all sports in the Olympics? Obviously, it is no then this is not fair and right. If this principle being politically correct is carried out in all Olympic sports, then there is nothing to complain (say).

  • Belgium NT roster for the Olympic qualifying tournament:

    S: Ilka Van de Vyver/Jutta Van de Vyver
    Opp:Grobelna/Karolina Goliat
    OH: Britt Herbots/Celine Van Gestel/Jodie Guilliams/Manon Stragier
    MB:Dominika Sobolska/Marlies Janssens/Silke Van Avermaet/ Nathalie Lemmens
    L: Britt Ruysschaert/Anna Valkenborg

    Lise van Hecke, Laura Heyrman, Charlotte Leys, Helene Rosseaux and Freya Albrecht will not be there.

  • This would be hell good NT if all players are with them.

    Van Hecke, Heyrman :(

  • Poland will play with Azerbaijan today and tomorrow. After today match we will know the 14 players. At the moment 3 were cut: Nowicka, Jasek and Bałuk. 2 more will be out.

    S: Wołosz, Kowalewska

    MB: Kąkolewska, Alagierska, Centka, Stencel

    OH/OPP: Mędrzyk, Stysiak, Wójcik, Górecka, Fedusio, Twardowska, Łukasik, Smarzek

    L: Stenzel, Jagła

  • Are Belgian setters sisters?

  • Are Belgian setters sisters?

    Yes they are