2020 Olympic Games - qualification

  • Hey GIU!!!

    Let EBRAR play at all times!!!

    Boz has nothing to offfer so stop experimenting like its a friendly game!

  • Guidetti's decisions is awful. Hande can't recieve in zone 2 and Ebrar can't spike in zone 4. Meryem isn't enough this level.

    Also; Meryem is almost 32 now and not everyone can be Eda (she played bad too today though). She spoke pre-tournament interviews about how tired, exhausted she was.

    Tomorrow Hande-Meliha should indeed be OHs and Ebrar Opp, I'd even try Tugba as one of the OHs.

  • I think this Turkey loss must be like an early wake-up call for Poland and Netherlands.

  • I hope Belgium will send Guidetti home :)

    Thats will likely to happen when this hardheaded Giu will not start EBRAR!

    Feeling sad for Gunes, she really is a world class MB with a face of goddess. I love her🥰🥰🥰

  • Turkey is like the Brazil of CEV :rolll: so emotional and driven by fire/passion, sometimes someone like Gio seems to manage to turn that into a euphorius Turkey, however when they need to calm down the hothead that Gio himself is obviously miserably fails to do so, or we could even say makes the entire situation 10 times worse, you can really see it in the players' faces in his TO's

  • Croatia is next right? Let’s all hope Santarelli got the memo about sending Gio’s nasty mouth home.

  • The German national team defeated Russia in the European championship. I am not surprised with today's result. Lipmann is doing great job in China. Orthmann is helping her in attack is something which I expected it from last year. Hope they will keep this level until the end of the tournament. Congrats Deutschland 👏

  • the pression in this competition its to high for Guidetti and Turkish Players

    The result of this match its the last chance to prove his work (value).

  • Reposting cuz i want to:


    LEUVEN - "Dutch volleyball players are a bit spoiled," says Giovanni Guidetti, coach of competitor Turkey. "If this team is in trouble, the players say that it is up to the coach. I was lucky because in my time I was successful with the Netherlands. If I hadn't been, the players would probably have fired me, as they did with Gido Vermeulen and Jamie Morrison. "

    It is never boring around this theatrical Italian. He tells his story in Leuven, where the Turkish team settled down just before the Olympic qualification tournament in Apeldoorn for a few practice games against Belgium. This week, eight countries are fighting for one Olympic ticket during the last OKT.

    Big favorite

    According to Guidetti, there is only one big favorite. "The Netherlands of course, look at that sixth place in the world ranking. We are twelfth, that is really a big difference. In 2018, the Netherlands became fourth in the world with this team. Serbia, Italy and China finished above the Netherlands. Those teams aren't in Apeldoorn right? So who is the favorite? "

    But last year, in the quarterfinals of the European Championship, Turkey beat the Netherlands 3-0. Guidetti: “You are talking about one game in Ankara when 10,000 people were screaming for us. The Netherlands now has that advantage. "

    No rhythm

    Guidetti tries to talk his own team in the role of underdog in an almost convincing way. "If we are allowed to play against the Netherlands in Apeldoorn, that is a dream game for me. That means that we don't have to go home after three group matches. Really, my team has no rhythm because most players are not in the base at their club. I am very worried. "

    Guidetti led the Netherlands to great success in 2015 and 2016 and signed up to 2020. But the ink of his new contract was not yet dry, or he suddenly left for Turkey to be - according to himself - closer to his newborn daughter . The American Jamie Morrison, Guidetti's assistant at club level, became his successor in the Netherlands.

    More responsibility

    "Jamie went very well for two years," Guidetti saw from a distance. "But after one tricky year the players say: We can't win anymore, please replace the coach. Yes, a coach is always fired by the players. No federation in the world will replace a coach that the team really wants. So if this Dutch group is not successful, they say that the problem lies with the coach. That's how it went with my predecessor Gido Vermeulen and that's how it went with Jamie. I think the players themselves should have taken a little more responsibility for the bad year instead of pointing to Jamie. Every team has fewer periods. You have to figure that out together. "

    Morrison was succeeded by the Italian Gianni Caprara. "Gianni is very smart and has a lot of humor," says Guidetti. "He will know what to do. But with a preparation of just ten days a coach can't do that much. Everything depends on the players. "

    "I would not have called Floortje Meijners"

    Attacker Floortje Meijners is back in the Dutch team after twelve years and counts as an important asset. Guidetti also tried to get her to Orange in 2015. "But I didn't have a chance. If I were a Dutch coach now, I would not have called her again. Of course she is an excellent player, but I believe in sacrifices, I believe you have to earn it to go to the Olympics. ”

    But would Guidetti call every Turkish player herself who could be a reinforcement for the team in this crucial phase? "No, I don't. Top attacker Neriman Özsoy scores almost 40 points every match in the Japanese competition. But I don't call her because she didn't want to participate in the past two years. I get a lot of criticism about this, but I stick to my faith. I give the opportunity to players who are loyal. ”


    How does Guidetti think Dutch people see him? As the man who had great success with the Orange for two years? Or as a sort of traitor who squeaked away despite a signed contract. "What I did did not violate the law. I followed a priority in my life. When you become a father, your ambition is suddenly much less important than your responsibility. I understand the feelings in the Netherlands, but when I see my daughter's photo, I don't care what people think anymore. ”

    Isn't it difficult for Guidetti to play a crucial tournament on Dutch soil now? "No, I only have good memories of Apeldoorn, the Netherlands and the Dutch team. And I don't think the Dutch public will treat me badly. They will not throw rotten apples at me or spit at me, will they? "

  • We S T A N a villain comeback story. Come on girls!!! (I give 0 fs about Gio)

    Turkey needs you! :box::heart::drink: 🇹🇷 #BlackWolf

  • Remember Germany prepared the hard way: they played several friendlies against tournament hosts and favourite Netherlands and lost all the time, but learned/improved a lot doing so, it seems.

  • I really like Turkey, 2 of my favorite of all time are there, Eda and Naz, and all the other players grew on me, Simge, Ebrar, Zehra :heart:, I was rooting for them in Euro Championship, but that interview was to much for me... We like villains' revenge, the comeback, okay, but I refuse to root for Guidetti.. Good job Germany, I forgive you for all the time you made Brazil look pathetic lol

  • Germany were very good today. I think many people (including myself) see Netherlands, Turkey and Poland as the 3 big favourites and for good reason, but none of these teams is perfect, they all have weaknesses and uncertainties. If any of the underdog teams can play at the top of their games then we could see a surprise team in Tokyo. This is starting to look like a pretty exciting week.

  • I really like Turkey, 2 of my favorite of all time are there, Eda and Naz, and all the other players grew on me, Simge, Ebrar, Zehra :heart:, I was rooting for them in Euro Championship, but that interview was to much for me... We like villains' revenge, the comeback, okay, but I refuse to root for Guidetti.. Good job Germany, I forgive you for all the time you made Brazil look pathetic lol

    He has the same effect on me. I love almost every player in Vakif this season and still I almost want them to lose sometimes.

  • Neriman Özsoy was what Turkey needed today. Nobody else, an offensive OH that can also play Opp.

    That's is the biggest blow to me, Gio admitting he doesn't call her was quite the scandal tbeh